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Smith the real evans broke down with you he grew the law and sire smith up talk to swim at home and texas tech sixty nine sixty four lead with forty nine point four we had an unbelievable game with eighteen points nine rebounds seven assists but out of the time out chris geos who would take it the length of the floor and get a layup so a three point game you think okay texas tech's gotta make some free throws they had a problem before that sex with the inbound campbell the baseline and does they look for the trap away rabbit back to seventeen seconds peter's now by joseph brings along the sidewalk chris beard is your mic on his defense geos the end of the paint fires the past quarter kunitz up todd soldering iron sort rebound stone by texas tech texas tech wins six hundred sixty six go work score one of all their bands will move on to the sweet sixteen for the sixth time in school history and the first since two thousand five one bobby knight last took a team to the sweet sixteen john it was a slug fest throughout and he said defense chris beard urging on his defense that's what happened and how they got here in the first place it was a very well played game on both sides defence but also offense rebounding it was thirteen offense rebound sixteen second chance points for texas tech those are the ones that you need to build a close out a game that is back and forth the way it was texas tech moving out of the sweet sixteen they await the winner of butler and purdue which is the first game tomorrow the other winner out of dallas as we mentioned loyola chicago they will get the winner of nevada and cincinnati in atlanta on thursday mr crispin i'll see you people will hear you from one yes please man another day like this let's go hopefully the earlier games are a little bit better in their own windows twenty five point this well we'll see about syracuse michigan state see you tomorrow john we'll go through the rest of the games when we come.

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