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It's also just not a good idea for our allies to be beholden for energy by the Russians and You see Also Anthony Blinken. Showing some distance there that he doesn't agree with it, and he's wants to fight it. And he thinks that our NATO allies need to be more energy independence. So you know where, in our 2nd 100 days of this administration, and you're starting to see a little bit of cracks in the armor, But again, their messaging, I think has been For them. If you're looking at it, from their point of view, they would think that they are on track. Let's let's talk about your book. Full disclosure. I haven't read it yet. But when I saw when I saw the title on television On. Everything will be okay. You're probably think this is so cheesy, but actually got emotional just over title on. I started Tonto. I don't know. Like explore like why I was feeling that way. I think it's because, you know, everybody has a hill or even a mountain, You know, T climb and when you're not at the bottom anymore, You almost feel some relief. What? When did you realize everything would be okay? It took me a long time and one of the reasons I wrote the book as I felt that I really worried away my twenties. Ondo little bit of my thirties too. But what I do a lot of mentoring here. I see this in a lot of people, and mainly, it is young women that come to me for advice Not exclusively, but a lot of them, Geo, and I'm looking at them and thinking all of this worry could be put to much better use all that energy that you use. And expend an ex exhausting toe. All the worry about how am I going to get there? How am I going to move up? How am I going to do it? And you stop And think about maybe converting that energy into something positive and productive and you'll realize that it takes a lot of hard work for everything to be okay. But you don't have to worry about it. If you are an American woman, you've already won a life's great lottery. You were born in America. And if you are an educated woman at this point, you just have to decide how hard you want to work, but worrying about what your next step is going to be will hold you back. So that's what I was trying to do with the book is to encourage people. Through my own story that when I look back at my career advancements, it was never anything that I planned. But I was ready for each opportunity. Last question. Your book is also launching a podcast. Can you Can you preview for us? And what can we expect? What kind of guests? What will you be focusing on with them? And are they going to be primarily women? Sure. So everything will be OK is a podcast series. I'm doing what I'm looking at Things like, um Working moms and and good advice for working moms. Or how about if you are looking for a raise or a promotion? How should you go about negotiating that? What if you think it's time to leave your job? What are the steps you should take? And I have talked to several men as well, including my own co anchor Bill Hemmer, who has terrific graduation advice through his own personal experiences of what he was doing in his Mid twenties in order to get himself on his way and you look at him now and you think, Wow, that investment was really worth it. So we're going to take a look at all of those issues and talk to very inspiring people like Rebecca Minkoff, who is the fashion designer, and she has her own podcasters. This is a woman who gives back a lot. Two others and wants to help other women succeed. So I wanted to talk to people like that. And thankfully, Fox News provides me a platform to do that. Very good. I'll pay attention to the working mom part. Yes, you That was a good one. It was very good. Dana Free No co host of America's newsroom and co host of the five. Her new book is Everything will be okay. Life lessons for young women from a former young woman and you can find her podcast. Everything will be okay with Dana Perino at fox News podcast dot com. You know. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you. Pleasure talking to you. You're listening to the Fox News. Run down. Stay tuned for Armstrong and Getty, starting at six. Talk radio 5 60 ksfo. Yeah. You know that about 20% of all U. S dollars were created in 2020. Yeah, Most people don't know that. What do you think The effect of all those newly printed dollars will lead to inflation. Maybe it's certainly will lead to the dollar becoming more valuable. In the past, people have purchased Golden Silver's ahead against inflation. That's because gold is over, have increased in value as the purchasing power of the dollar decreases. Buying real gold is over. The kind you can hold in your hands is much easier than you think you could have it delivered security or privately to your home or even put real gold and silver. Your eye area for one K. If you are at all concerned about the value of the dollar continuing to decrease or the risk of inflation, you should call the Oxford Gold Group right now..

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