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This game? This guy's not trying to play soccer. He's trying to fight people. And you know, what I guess I would say good for him bad on the ref to not see what happened. But. Son is a person he's a human being. He's just been knocked to the ground as he's getting up. Here comes Jefferson Lerma from behind who punches him in the back of the neck punches him and sun feels like a human being would and just reacts like a human being would and pushes Lerma who couldn't wait to fall to the ground. Hey, that's all I feel just hey, I noticed that you have attempted to mount a defensive foot. Sprain. Listen, eighty Arctic. He might turn out to be these player. But what are you doing the evidence is not good you doing? But I like if somebody punched if somebody ran in here right now punch me in the back of the neck chances are I'd stand up and push them like Sunday. I know we asked these guys to be superhuman. But how do you not just react in a moment like net? Niagara agree. There's not end up, by the way. It's good that Jefferson Lerma has don't something for born. Because his lot of fines if you listen to them or quite disappointed with him twenty five million spent on them he hasn't on tone. He was doing that. He was doing that all day like this just like nonsense doesn't over the pitch. It doesn't seem like an Eddie. How would send a team out? I wonder if spokesman fruits and Jefferson could you come down, please. I mean, they did win. So Tottenham defend it for. I mean, they defended like they knew their season dependent on give him credit with nine men to do as well as they did. But eventually that's that. You would think would be an easy nut to crack and born to do that JJ. I'll tell you what we'll take. Very quick break. When we come back. I actually have a boy wonder watch we haven't had one of these in a while. Which is great that we have one. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know we'll talk about that in just a second. I'll go anywhere. It's time. But boy wonder why Christian? Pool that really? Put to Kenny separates the police station. Putting a. The. Oh, really was back now on caught offside with a boy wonder why says he scores the opener for Borussia Dortmund put them up one nil they eventually were up to. No. And then they were eventually tied to two. And that is how it ended. Good for fuel sick. Oh, oh, so bad for Dortmund like a hot knife through Hershey. Chocolate strip to that defense after five minutes. Brilliant goal. Really really great direct powerful finishing then Roman Burkey decided hey this game. I think it was after about an hour. It's not fun enough. I think it was after seventy minutes twenty minutes left in the game room. Burkey? Let's not shot through his legs. It was it was horrific. He's a goalkeeper that I'm never owned a percent sure on can put off greats as and yet he is capable of that blunder and then old man pits. Sarel ole men Pizarro he pops up with gold. He's forty. And that's it. I don't know. What else? Now, there was one more chance where another slamming run by boy woundr ends up with cross-strait across the globe. But there was no Pablo. Al Kassar are no strike to put it home. Yeah. But Tim he had what appeared to be fine game. Two games remain in the league Byron Munich now because of this hold a four point lead a lead, which you simply don't see them. Don't anguishing. I guess this is a boy wonder watch. Let's talk about pulisic for a sec. This season was weird. Let's be honest form wise, it wasn't necessarily the trajectory that we had seen him traveling last couple seasons. Injuries plagued him. Unfortunately, Dortmund's death at his position really plagued with Jaden Sancho just being completely undrivable first choice..

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