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At twenty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms on. Monday high of eighty three win will be out. Of southwest ten fifteen miles per hour gusting as high as twenty five miles per hour Monday night, a fifty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms looking at a low of seventy one. Tuesday, a, forty, percent. Chance of showers. And thunderstorms partly sunny with a high. Near eighty one Wendy Wendy Wendy look at, this we're gonna have a gusty day wins. This is thirty miles per hour. On Tuesday forty percent chance of showers on. Tuesday night, lots of rain coming our way it appears in certain pockets. Of the area forty percent twenty percent fifty percent forty and forty from Sunday through Tuesday Looks like. Wednesday, will, be, a. Mostly sunny day. With a high near seventy two looking. At a low of fifty six Wednesday night, in that will continue through the week where. It'll be highs in the mid. Seventies lows in the lower sixties upper fifties. And then, there could. Be another chance of showers and thunderstorms on Friday For those of you who are bailing water I'm sorry for your predicament it isn't easy I'm certain to have so much loss and devastation for, friends and. Family and hope that all of you are safe unfortunately we did lose One person last. Week into the flood so pleased to, be careful when you see water in the road mix certain that. It you can drive through. It you'll be. Able to see the street in the the lines of course the highway lines if you can't see those than pleased. Stop, and turn around Continuing on with some brand, new music, for for us. From an artist who goes by the, name of ark angel His work appears on his own Angels music label I'll have to spell that. For you some other high time, this is part of the Zion high production label brand new track for you from the artists who goes by the name. Of archangel tune entitled my journey.

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