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Well let's talk about what you got going on no because trailer jehlum yes well everybody out there you know the dane dash man um i'm i'm i have a movie starring and it's called on a rupp aid scheduled to be released in a theaters i'm super super excited about that on february sixteen no through lionsgate um dash studios and um you know it's it's me jam wrong uh og dan you small business uh uh swore raise is is is a is a much uh will lead dole games cousin no you know i'm not saying that that persons name you know what i mean that's his family in all of that all boy dome yeah yeah mid dave dame pulled issued all man i'm like wow and you know this is one of them up first like like i've been in movies before right but they will always know the roads railways minimal what this is my first leg lead role so you know i'm i'm really excited about dead colleague west is the executive producer as crazy so make sure you keep that on your radars man is called on iraq uh has introduced a film before this is first feature film on out whom connie uh not i'm i'm not to shore it'd be honest which i've i mean i don't i didn't get into none of that like i'm not gonna sit in at length let's go million conde is shopping ended up in you know what i mean that's dame people's they work that out so cool with it but is built to have his name attached yeah yeah sure sure you know he's seen it shut out the tmz you know i appreciate the love you know they they they put up a pulse because they had a prescreening at a danes house tmz nice end um you know they gave me a shot out like uh you know moldable kills it in this film so they're going to be a new york screen.

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