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Know i don't know public safety officers i did. There's just and i know that it seems silly to talk about what we call things but i mean i think that's something. We spent a lot of time talking about over the last year. And there's just a part of me that thinks like over the you know several hundred years of history in our country with police particularly in some communities like is there too much injury. Is there too much trauma and we need to you know. Wipe the slate clean as far as what. We call people how they're dressed how they function and really reinvent public safety. Because it's hard for me to envision a time post george floyd in some parts of the country where the word police. That's something people want to be. That's something people trust. I just think that's that's going to be almost impossible in certain parts of our country. I just think there's something wrong when it comes to the video of george floyd death at we can't unsee in the same way. I think about my own trauma surrounding school. Violence like school will never be a one hundred percent safe place to me ever again now just calling the building something different with that. Change it for me. No of course. Not but in some ways i think the reinvention of school we've seen over the past year with virtual schooling and being at home. It did it. Did it changed for some people and some people felt enormously safe and they got to see it with fresh eyes. That's not true for everybody. But you know i just. I wonder if part of what we need to reflect on a year later is what we can't get back in many communities across the country when it comes to the police. I think that maybe right. And i i do you think as we talk about recruitment and retention of police officers that thinking about what the job is and who is best positioned to do it and what kind of traits were looking for in people is enormously important. This brings to mind for me. The sort of political sphere controversy over ted cruz tweet. Comparing a russian army add army ad. I saw that the us army add talked about us army corp. emma malone lord and senator cruz compared that ad which uplifted army corp. malone lord and her raising by a lesbian couple in san francisco and lots of just kind of other aspects of her that showcase diversity and and showcase the the many people who have a role to play in the united states military he contrasted that with this very violence and aggressive russian ad and he praised the russian ad and said maybe having awoke military. Isn't the best thing for us. And i just was watching his tweets about this thinking. Imagine thinking that in twenty twenty one a better depiction of a soldier is a violent aggressor. Then someone who really fulfils the us military's mission which in so many ways has become more oriented to humanitarian aid and what the military does overseas is still a mix of things for sure we. We still do violence. We still do aggression. We still do war but we also do a lot of humanitarian work. A lot of infrastructure creation for other countries hot just legal work across the globe and the military's celebration of that willingness to talk about it. Willingness to showcase people like corporal malone lord has not changed overnight and is certainly not put us all the way in a new space. We know that there are there major problems especially with the way that sexual violence occurs in the military and extremist ideology grows in the military. So we're not all the way there but we've seen this transition right and the transition continues and it is not helped along by serving senators making fun of it. And so if and i bring this up just to say if we want to have a serious conversation about policing in the united states about public safety in the united states is not helped along by self serving people making fun of changing our language or rolling their eyes about talking about mental health efforts and community policing in those kinds of things like we just. I think there is a way to be a person who knows loves cares about police officers and and who is deeply committed to sitting down and saying something is very wrong here and it cannot stand and i'm willing especially as we think about the fact that a year has passed since george floyd died and we still get a new name every couple of weeks if someone who's been killed by a police officer to say enough of the snarky nece about this and enough of the culture wars. This is a topic that affects everyone especially as crime rates are going up. I thought what was particularly nasty about that is that the ad was based on a real person. Like what's wrong with you to go after an ad features a real human being. But i mean we all know what's wrong with tickers. I think you're right and i would. I would say to someone who feels very defensive of the police or just someone who was affected by the video of george floyd's death and who feels like derek. Chauvin should be in prison but who is very turned off by phrases like de-fund the police and feels like that's a radical notion that recruitment and retention of police officers is doing that work and the worst possible way. I really believe that. I think that you know just really increases the tension and the conflict and the scarcity mindset if you care about public safety and you don't think there's anything wrong with policing it doesn't really matter if they can't recruit police officers if you think everything's perfect but they can't recruit police officers than that's still a problem or retain police officers in this mass exodus to me that that's something that that particular issue should be something that we should all see like. Okay well this is a red flag. And this is reaching a crisis level in which we're not going to have options to do good policy especially in the face of rising crime rates for the whole breadth of diversity when it comes to communities across the country either communities that phil they're both over policed and under police communities that love their policing like no matter where you fall on..

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