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The creature was typhon. The dragons on his arms hissed and spit a fiery venom. The snake scales glinted illuminated by the burning fire in his eyes. The Earth shook as he stepped forward. The Olympia backed away in fright. They were powerful beings but in the face of pure evil they felt very small. All of them that is except for Zeus recovered from his initial shock. Zoo strode forward. A lightning bolt clutched in his hand. He addressed the towering demon in a confident voice. I do not know who you are but I am. Zeus King of the Gods and you will return to the hellish layer. You crawled out of typhon roared with laughter as he said but it is hell itself. I came from without warning. A torrent of hot flames viewed from typhoons is all the Olympians but Zeus scattered. They took to the skies as birds or burrowed into the ground as rodents or scampered off through the gardens as wildcats. Typhon watched them go. He longed to rip them limb from limb to taste their celestial blood on his tong but as he faced Zeus. His mother's need for revenge echoed in his ears. Power surged through him and he grew even taller. His head almost touched the stars zoo sent a bolt of lightning into typhoons chest but he absorbed the blow easily. Zeus bellowed anger and grew in size to match typhoons height. His hands stretched out wide ready to gather the elements to his fingertips but typhon speed was as great as his size. Snakes shot out of his thighs to sink their teeth into the back of Zeus is legs. The king of the Gods roared in agony as the snakes retracted pulling with them. The tendons of his muscles Zeus Shrunk in stature and crumpled to the ground more snakes shot out and bid into his hands their fangs ripped the tendons from his hands as well then slithered back to Nestle in the mammoth legs of their master. If typhon could smile he would have for the masterful. God that had destroyed his half siblings. The titans was now nothing. But a pitiful trembling weakling and he typhon now had free reign he would kill Zeus and then he would watch the world burn. Suddenly Hermes swooped from the sky to grab Zeus by the hair. Typhoon roared and unleashed a ball of fire at the Messenger. God but Hermes dodged and rose higher until he and Zeus were beyond the monsters. Reach typhoons is burned with fury at watched his victim disappear then. He looked down at Zeus tendons shimmering in his hand if Zeus wanted his tendons back he would have to enter his domain to retrieve them. The beasts within typhoons hair growled their thirst for blood had not yet been quenched. Typhon felt rage boiling up within him. He too had a need. That had not yet been satisfied. The Need to destroy on his way back to the underworld typhon satisfied his urges by wreaking havoc. His eyes burned landscapes. His dragon arms bat deadly venom onto the backs of animals and is massive feet flattened pitiful humans as they ran he had been built for revenge. His entire body trembled with his need to rip the world apart. Geo waited for her son in the vast hall of the underworld. She hoped he would bring news. That Zeus was destroyed. It would mean typhon was now the ruler of the cosmos. The thought gave her pause. The titans had been effective brutal but wise and she was uncertain that typhon cared for anything. More than chaos. She shook the thought off. She would simply have to give him more guidance but as she waited she felt a pain. In her head a chill ran down her spine. Something was not right with the earth. Her earth she closed her eyes and was able to see the world in its villages. Crumbling scorched land and sky so black that one could not see the stars. Jia was horrified..

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