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Where it's going. Fine. I'm gonna be fine. Yeah, right. You're being asset to any corporation or company. How about that? Yeah, I do. It's nice. You said it was heroic. You know, like you're riding into battle for everybody. But then there comes a moment you are. You brought the banner in there, and that's pretty. That's pretty awesome. You know what if you don't stand, you know, because you'll fall for anything right? Right, right. It's right. And I know it's a softball team there. What starts? He's gonna play shortstop because he's a Don't think Manager. Suddenly, it's like there is a little bit of an exhale of like, all right. Now we know that that does make sense with the things we have seen up until now, and also that I think the delight in Wow. It's been that all a lie, right? Because we're just paying attention to what happened since the lights went up. Nothing else exists. So one of the things that happened since the lights went up is when I mentioned something about cancer cancer, right? Yeah, TJ, said Jackie Robinson, Jackie Robinson so that that went in my brain. This is the only way you're going to get these kinds of moments, which are both surprising and obvious at the very same time is if the performers are genuinely as surprised of what just happened. As the audience and the only way that can happen is if we actually don't know it. And so the not knowing is where the that's the goal, But I mean, I assume you have the usual amount of self loathing that most people have. So probably more. We still were You afraid that you will look for this story? Between you and nothing will occur. Please don't bring up this question. Is that a constant fear? Yes, absolutely. C. J says before the show begins. It is an absolute like maelstrom going on in inside me personally, But here's the truly fascinating things the way they deal with that maelstrom. All that anxiety about what's gonna happen is they tell themselves this story. This thing that they're creating. They don't actually create it. They don't Make it happen. It's already happening without.

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