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Stock so Gaming and betting on horses and I think the stock market's just a it's called speculation in horse racing gambling saw the same people. Take money with money. Tony thanks a lot. Take. Care I'll keep up the good work by finance Jodi black everybody, and Resumption of racing at Churchill downs today and that also means that. They're back on Fox America's Day at the races. And I sent out I sent out. The RE. tweet. Earlier let me see what time, twelve, thirty, two, five, twelve, thirty, five. So half an hour from now, you can watch the the Churchill card. Some good maiden races today actually. Races is like two divisions. Yeah. The sixth and the ninth last race goes off Churchill today at four, fifty three it's actually some good Good. pedigrees today. Sharia Devos Ends Alabel Fiore breaking. Lucky and sweet Mary Lou for Rudy percent for wise racing, which is out of thank you. Mary Lou, you'll remember who was a snake. Stay course. For the RAMSEYS, there's a half mystique to as well. Actually, he's got the next one from stone way. That's in the that's in the sex and in the night. See Song a big price for Neil Howard have to proven strategies the empire Racing Club runner for the Greens. So. There you go. Good luck today I. Didn't look at it anything. Save it for the weekend. We can preview the morrow. I should mention one other wind from the from yesterday the. Kentucky downs and handicapping challenge and the Malaysia with a huge performance yesterday seventy, three, hundred, fifty, four, Brett Weiner second and mark else's rich Nilsson. Tom Walsh. Rounded out the top five. Thank everybody today at particularly bad hegarty for the extensive conversation and Brendan Walsh. Dick Powell, Steve asking, Tony Black. Good Luck today folks.

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