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CBD Dot Com all right. Let's get back into the show you know there were a couple of clips where Where search when when he got into the White House press the hours? Yeah which by the way is just amazing that he got in there at all but he would just ask over and over again about two things he'd asked about trump supporters being being being assaulted right-wingers being assaulted by ANTIFA types and now press censorship and our social media censorship and he would just as every every single day. I don't understand for the life of me why Donald Trump doesn't make that his entire campaign and this Republicans really and that's why I gave you the hat. That's that's part of my initiative and look I mean I completely agree with you. I've been saying this if Donald Trump wants to And I think he's GonNa win and again obviously and I Your who knows maybe vote for him to it. Sounds like you're not really going to be voting for any of these but you can't say that because then you're going to get cancelled to Dave's no well I don't I I. Can Dave cancelled. I didn't vote for trump. I don't tell you here's the thing as crazy as the Democrats are the the best pitch that Donald trump made to win someone's vote like me was is just about when when in his first campaign rally he said imagine what the country will look like if the Democrats takeover and and I think there's a strong pitch their truthfully speaking Donald Trump. I'm more than anything else. The thing that I liked about Donald Trump's campaign in in two thousand sixteen was the promise to end these wars. I think it's insane. We spent trillions of dollars. Kill hundreds of thousands of people with this goal of remaking making the Middle East into a Jeffersonian Republic which is just insane and the what. Trump's done leaving the troops in Afghanistan in Syria Syria aiding the Saudis in this war in Yemen. It's too much for me to be able to support the guy I think having having John Bolton and Mike Pompeo and all these guys in his cabinet habit however I would say I I wouldn't mind seeing Donald Trump beat whoever the radical Democrat who. He's up against go and he probably will win. I just don't understand this ANTIFA issue is he is. It's a forty nine state landslide issue social media. Censorship to Becau-. Ah even people who are Democrat right when I talk to people because a lot of people have misconceptions about me and then they talked to me and then they realize like you know. She's not all that bad when I mentioned to them that pay pal ban me and that chase bank shut down my online access and that the Democrats are pushing this and you have. I don't know if you saw this. But FREDERICA Wilson who is is a congresswoman of course the other day she called for she literally said that she was not joking. You could look up the video. It's on video I cannot. I can't believe she said it. Because these people are saying number burke out equipped they had no chance of winning..

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