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Of dollars from the government. Twenty eight point. Six billion just for restaurants in the restaurant revitalization fund. This was the biggest victory ever and then to make it even better. The biden administration said we are going to open all applications to women people of color and veterans. They were shut out of the paycheck protection. The ppp act the first time a big businesses knocking and they opted. They vacuumed up the money. We're not making that mistake again. We're going to prioritize women. People of color and veterans and white own restaurants goaded by Fronts including stephen miller the odious former trump adviser found some white restaurant owners to say. Hey this is prejudice. I'm not gonna get in the back of the line. Just because i'm white. I need this money just as much as anyone else did. And in the case of some of the why donors. They didn't need the money as much as anyone else. But they were able to get a ruling that would a halt to all of the handing applications because of course all of them went all the money went pretty soon and then people like amanda cohen. A dirt candy at done a victory dance because not only her case was she one of the leaders who got this asked but she was also approved for her loan application and other people that that we read about people color veterans women and then they got a us kidding memo from the small business administration. Saying we're sorry. This ruling has made us has forced to reevaluate all the applications in a sort of flying to weather. You check the box for asian so a story in in the boston globe by genucel nanos. Anissa guard gardezi really really well reported. A most people are saying no. This isn't happening and we're not getting this and it's it's it's an outrage. It's a reversal of what the intentions of the vitamin station work. Well can we continue the bad news just for a second spring court fairly predictably six conservatives versus three liberal-leaning justices knocked down a provision. That gave organizers access the farmworkers that essentially was pretty critical in an industry where it's very hard to reach people and their seasonal and that sort of thing briefly describe it and less briefly. Describe what you perceive to be the impact. Corby kummer union organizers. Were going onto farms and five in the morning before the actual shifts in with megaphones. They were trying to drum up support for union organization and part of this was they were given rights by a california law. That was enacted. I don't find the date right now on the story but it was too over herm. The federal law in the nineteen thirties that gave union access to the workday but excluded farmworkers out of sheer racism. And so a california had tried to protect and make up for this by allowing farm workers. After cesar chavez in the sixties strikes united farm workers it said a migrant workers all workers should be allowed to hear unionization messages and several large packers food appeal brought it all the way up to the supreme court and six to three. The supreme court said that's right that's invading the personal property the private property of these farm of producers and out unions..

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