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Coming from Snohomish County executive Dave Summers today. He says they're ready to scale up to give out 50,000 shots a week, but you can't do it. If the doses aren't arriving. I am frustrated and it frustrating that we're having to fight for extra doses each week. There are 39 counties. He gets that everyone is fighting for this, but the numbers they are hard to wait through. Remember, they're currently able to give out 30,000 shots a week well last week. They got 2300 doses, and when they complained about that they were given 1000 more. That's just 1/10 of what they were ready to use. The state says the federal government is in control of how much covert vaccine we perceive The Department of Health in our state says there's been so much demand for its online phase finder that the website crashed earlier today on top of problems yesterday. The state says it's working to get more band with The site helps you figure out when you're eligible for code vaccine. Today was the first time since March that Tacoma kindergartners were able to attend school inside classrooms. With precautions. You gotta follow the three rules. 6 ft Apart. Wash the hands where the mask Well, I need a rock is she's the principal of married lines Elementary, she tells Cairo seven TV 1st and 2nd grade students will join them in the weeks to come. It's safe to go back to Puget Sound beaches again. Water off Discovery Park was the last to show traces of the sewage that overflowed during last week's storms. Richmond Beach, Golden Gardens and car keep Park reopened over the weekend. Hey, to pollute. Activists are divided over the governor's proposed climate Commitment Act cover radios, Nicole Jennings explains. The bill would establish a cap and invest system, which requires corporations to purchase permission to pollute. Supporters say it's a bridge between business and environmental interests. But others say it will let companies use money to avoid progress. Gilman Gollum on with got, Green says there's a racial justice side as well. Growing up next to the new course. Steel factory smokestacks outside my window, my family and neighbors dying from cancer and having her Disease, Though really allergy for are impacted Communities of color UNEP A study found that people of color are more likely to live near.

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