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Wear right and I'm like Oh snap there. He is in full regalia right. And inside the truck is Lisa Marie Presley which I was just like scandal. Jeff got? These Marie Presley and like ten fifteen kids right. And so Michael gets out. He's like y'all. Thank you for coming to my show, and then George steps up and he's like. Remember my kids and Michael's like Oh. My God, I remember you causing. You. Were babies cool and he was like. This is Natalie Portman. Fan of your work Blah right and then he goes. This is jar jar, binks and Michael Goes like dis. Oh! Straight up. Like. Michael Jackson This is some high voice. This is Dr. Mike don't like he got. Gary Indiana. how that is so rude. And I was like. That's Weird Even say that like well. Nice to me you. All right. So. He's like okay. Thanks, guys. We're back to the high voice. He's come CHARLOTTA. Guessing the minivan they all drive off. We got to have a drink and I'm like Hey George Massey question. Why did you introduce me as jar jar banks, and why all of a sudden is Michael Jackson? Like masculine voiced, and he goes well Michael wanted to be judge. and. I wanted to do it with prosthetics and makeup like he did..

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