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Come on these after hours with lorries with lot of you weighing in with our latest show poll if you're the cavaliers considering that there is a line of fingerpointing the defense stinks it's even worse than last year there on another skid and there's no guarantee your guaranteed they're going to be able to flipped the switch we've been asking you you're the cavaliers facing the nba trade deadline which comes up not that long after the all star break thankfully teams are almost at the all star break as they need a break that's part of the problem but his irritated with everybody else they've been spending way too much time together since october but if you're the cavaliers do you make a trade like they've done the last several seasons beefing up the roster at the deadline bringing in a veteran or role player who can help think about it jr smith kyle korver channing frye these are all guys richard jefferson i can remember when he joined the team but they brought a bunch of of veterans who could help them get to three straight nba finals and win in two thousand sixteen so do you make another trade and go for it and think you know what were third in the eastern conference we we still have lebrun we've got a couple of different allstars isaiah thomas is trying to work back into form after being out since may or june and it's not that bad you know this guy is not falling the titanic is not thinking it's not that bad it's just a rough stretch we got a lot of injuries we don't get a chance to practice together a ton we're not going to fly off the handle do you make a trade do you say we're still very much in this or do you start thinking about the future but brian james may depart after the season is over do you use that very high first round draft pick that you've got through the celtics for the cairo irving trade and say you.

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