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From ABC news I'm Richard cancer hurricane watches up along most of Louisiana's Gulf coast of storm gathering strength in the Gulf of Mexico is already dropped flooding rain on New Orleans were mayor latoya Cantrell says get ready now attention all tornado as well as flash flood warnings be prepared for the impacts illuzion as Plaquemines parish mandatory evacuations of selected areas begin in two and a half to two hours from now to active duty U. S. marines were busted accused of trying to smuggle three undocumented migrants into the US from Mexico they were caught near the border crossing it to cut a California investigators say they fessed up to it did it for the money to the immigrants told the border patrol agents that they were going to pay eight thousand dollars to be smuggled into the US it seems like the marines were only kid going to get about a thousand dollars of that money but one of the marines said that he had actually made four of these trips to transport undocumented immigrants you can see how a smuggler may want to use someone in a uniform to maybe get around the system ABC's Elizabeth McLaughlin finger pointing over at Jeffrey abstain labor secretary Alex Acosta then the US attorney who signed off on a plea deal says the state prosecutor was going to let up steam go that now former prosecutor says an indictment was abandoned after secret negotiations between abstains lawyers and I Costa her family announced the death of Denise Nickerson who played the gum chomping violet ball regarding the first **** Wonka and the chocolate factory who ignores gene Wilder's walkers warnings not to chew the everlasting gobs stopper going out like a like a blueberry it happens every time they all become blueberry Nickerson had been in declining health since a stroke last year she was sixty two you're listening to ABC.

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