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School year for at least half of the district in the country so far. Is now familiar online teaching via zoom or something similar kid sitting at the kitchen table or a makeshift desk or line on the living room couch. A lot of those kids are going to need watching and help to with actual learning, which parents by which we mean mostly moms are going to have to provide and that is going to make it really hard for those parents to keep working and making a living. Emergency government unemployment assistance is supposed to help. But it's not for a lot of working Parents marketplaces Mitchell Hartmann talk to some of them in Seattle. A few weeks ago, King five TV in Seattle delivered the news parents were waiting for the superintendent says she knows this is not going to be easy for all families. But she says she's with covert cases in the region. Surging the school semester would start remotely learning because she thinks that this point in person instruction just is impossible. Seattle parent Jennifer Zag alone already been through this back in the spring. When her son Jack's elementary School was closed. She just lost her job is a legal assistant and was trying to find a job she could do part time from home. Because I wasn't working. I was taking Jack three days a week. Her ex husband took care of Jack the other two days. Zagalo applied for state jobless benefits denied you can't get unemployment. It turns out if you have to care for a child, but she had a fallback, federal pandemic unemployment assistance, or P u way. It's for people who don't qualify for regular state jobless benefits, including parents who aren't working because their kid's school or daycare is closed. You take over 19. Except remember those work from home jobs she applied for I ended up being denied. They said benefits or not for people who can tell the work even though she hadn't actually landed a job. Zack Alos, not alone. So most workers, jobless workers have had a really hard time applying for the way. Drake Hagner at legal Aid in Washington, D C says thousands of applicants have had to wait months to find out if they qualify. She says the rules are confusing to get benefits. A parent has to certify their available for work, even though they can't actually take a job because they have kids stuck at home due to Cove. It And there are plenty of other snags keeping parents from getting federal jobless benefits. Almost nothing is going right indeed, due to Gupta directs the center on Poverty and inequality at Georgetown Law School. He says. Childcare is scarce nationwide daycare after school and summer programs have been caught way back. But as long as some care is available, no matter how inaccessible working parents are still being denied benefits states have made the burden quite unreasonable for parents when there's not a complete closure of a child care facility when the parents might rely on family Where schools are arguably technically open, but certainly do not provide needed care for parents to work. Legal aid. Attorney Drake Hagner in D. C. Says there's a lot of uncertainty heading into the fall. What exactly happens when school's air only open for maybe half of the week for half of the kids are online learning? Can people still get their benefits or not? One thing is clear if local schools reopen, But parents keep their kids home because they're afraid of spreading Covitz vulnerable family members. Parents can't get federal jobless benefits. Seattle mother, Jennifer Zag Alot appealed her unemployment denials and one after five months without benefits. She'll get a lump sum payment going back to mid March. Meanwhile, she and her son, Jack, are getting ready to start the new school year there fully online and I have no choice but to find a telecommute job 2.5 days a week. And until she does, she and Jack will have to make do with a jobless benefit of around $540 a week. Mitchell Hartmann for Marketplace.

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