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So there is at the lincoln memorial perilly's come under some attack here which is set aside state of affairs somebody took a penny to mary they apparently took a penny and scraped in some letters into the lincoln memorial which jimmy on first blush like okay doesn't sound like that bad right you scratch stretched from arbil you may be able to fix that right barely it's it's damaging and not good here's cut fourteen this is a park service conservative justin belo talking about this damage take was in size in the surface of this downs at after departure from there previous repeated that we experienced on which is more on this surface instead it does represent permanent damage to the historic fabrica memorial so that is troubling and here's nbc reporting on the crime he's charged with felony destruction of property letters are hard to see but they are believed to be surreal iq letters spelling out his name backer off as a student from the kurdistan republic the damage he water serious he used a lincoln petty a he's still of course heated reviews an indian penny i mean he probably used a lincoln pending a he you've got it this is regime he mentioned he mentioned the name this isn't a nurse elect back arrive he's a 21yearold student uh from the kirghizs republic and he was arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property he was caught by an officer us park police an officer caught the suspect using the penny to in green grave eight letters here would says hip to make on h why p t m a t e k e k k what the is k k into the fifth pillar on the north side of the lincoln memorial the park service that is confirmation team was determining the best practice now to fix the structure not easy to fix this is not like you know using graffiti be gone or whatever they used in order to get spray paint offer these things a they they've really he really dug into this thing and create an issue here um i've seen some reports that he could be looking at that at up to ten years in prison for uh for this type of felony vandalism his twenty one years old how do you not know any better at the age of.

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