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Yes But a clock do it created, urgency create drama and from day, one Bryce. Harper when he broke into this, league said, he he asked his. Teammates he begged of his, teammates don't throw at homerun hitters who. Stare that's. Me you're throwing at. Me don't do it guys who do. That baseball needs to be. Great, again used to be the water cooler conversation last. Night it. Was it was. Fun it was. Big I did lead my show with Colli Leonard could've easily today if Bryce Harper wasn't in, that and it was just a bunch of baseball dudes hidden bombs at batting. Practice he added the personality to, it but baseball's always played. To it's. Nerves baseball nerds, there like, scorpions you can't kill. Them they never. Die don't worry about. Them they're not going. Anywhere they'll sit and humidity in Saint Louis for team nineteen games under five. Hundred they're not going. Anywhere what do you want to get as casual fans last? Night I'm not even a big homerun derby. Fan the homerun? Derby The pro bowler mostly unwatchable I love the homerun derby I, know America doesn't last night I'm like oh yeah Bryce Harper DC I gotta. Watch this no helmet bandanna patriotic, socks is you know everybody. Love it. Is because they, it's an, opportunity for guys that. Shot their personality. It's everything is you're. Talking higher rating than. Any baseball game and he's been telling people I wanna make baseball fun pyrotechnics. Big stage showing off. To hear him after he won I mean how do you? Not as an owner not want this guy. On your roster This crowd every single night they come out support us Let's go He's Kevin bacon member footloose Kevin bacon lived in a town where you could no. Longer dance that's. Bryce Harper and Bryce Harper said. Last night Let's dance that was awesome All. Right, Jason Whitlock on. Speak yourself said something yesterday I am. Hearing a lot of this I am hearing a lot of this and I. Gotta tell ya As I just in, my eyes at it here's what Jason Whitlock said about LeBron James taken over in LA for Kobe. Bryant Kobe Bryant fans not liking him he Colby were rivals and I think Laker fans is significant portion of bought into that rivalry as so show me win a great player has ever toward the. Tail end. Of his career move. To a team. That saw. Him as a rival and gets fully and brings LeBron is used to. Going to Cleveland and Miami he's. Feared I can't believe it you really care they'll. Lay that's not the standard really Los Angeles like stars and they love. Basketball let, me check this real. Quick the Lakers in. The last five years have one I'm. Just reading this twenty seven twenty one seventeen twenty six thirty five Yeah I'm sure they're going to be heartbroken when fifty four people say a lot of. Things I'm, to eat healthy I'm. Gonna work out. Every day. And then people do different things people now we're going to say things. Like I will never root for. LeBron James and then he's gonna come out on. A Tuesday night against like a Portland and he's going to do this Oh and you're. Just going to stay in your seat for that okay Tuesday night you. Work hard you go to a game, LeBron goes down the lane and does, that and and you're not gonna stand you're going to sit in your chair, and go no I prefer Koby And then on. Thursday night you go to the game again you put a lot of work in those are expensive tickets, you take your kids the Broncos down the lane, and, he.

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