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And changing a few things in our apartment. Just because we wanted to try something new try differently out by a bunch of new stuff and one of my wishes was I wanna get in your desk. I wanna get like a slightly bigger desk. And I wanna have like different sat up more, you know, more elegant cable management, for example. I would like to have ideally a bigger display, and so we sort of I proposed the idea of what if I what if apple announces a MEK Meany these like the summer, I was talking to see villains. Like what if? Apple announces amac Meany, and I could probably end up with a new desk. New four K display, amac with team would be nice and need to you know, people management done. Right. And I could sell my pro. And so I came into these event hoping that apple would actually also want nounce their own display, but apple is not doing that. Which is fine. I'm going to buy this from somebody else. So I'm going to buy a MAC mini. I still not sure what configuration of wanna get. Ideally, I liked to future proof these machine as much as kick and a hassle. This again, very soon. I'm in the I'm in the market for four k or five k display recommendations, ideally, I wouldn't want to get the one because I think he looks really ugly with a black plastic around it. I don't think you're gonna find anything. Nice. I know. But if anybody as recommendations for nice for k or five k play that looks nicer than the if you starting to look like decent stuff in the full K five K range, they end up becoming gaming montes's which have. Yes. Kinds of garish nece. No, there's plenty of Dell out there. It's a way better than east about. Yeah. Yeah. You're right. You're right. You're right. You're right. So so my my requirements are in need if it's a game gaming minor and supports the like the high refresh rate. Refresh rates that's fine. I actually kinda liked that. It needs to work with the MAC mini, of course. And also needs to work with the new ipad pros. So I would like to have a single display that I can use a MAC mini Anakin use my I pro so that was the dream, and we're going to do it. So I'm really happy that there's an you make me because it means I can simplify and I can actually rethink my entire desk sat up with his new machine. Sustainment? What is this MAC many? Well, it's it's for pros because space gray. Hey, I'm gonna pro you are casting. Why would you why would you lead your sentence with that like while it's for prose because I think that apple saying space gray for proposes stupid. But whatever. Well, the the MAC mini that started the MAC book comes in space grey to. Yeah. It's a pro as long as you just use pages and. Is professional web browsing machine. Karlyn books. We don't. Okay. So let's get into this from the outside. This looks like the same MAC mini..

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