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Uh so please check that out and at least watched the video get to know what it is first if it's not for you no problem we're still here for you every sunday and that is not changing dean welcome the jesus christ show how you doing good are very good i r i i have a question for you um i've been studying all week i actually called before uh you show i've been listening goes for a few months and i look to john three fifteen than ever to overrun um mark cairns fifteen billion mark fifteen it says in order to who kimberly helping you out to companies little child you get in giants research associates it was believe so solo confused with though ono they actually match up quite well the essence of what's being said is exactly the same in both the problem throughout scripture you'll see this in different parts of scripture is that man in their adult state has a hard time believing and so they tend to reject things or make excuses are constantly be pushing a truths out of their way because it's not what we it's not where they are now whereas children are always net state of curiosity bringing forth in believing and taking those things under their wing and really easy kid jump into the air just knowing that they felt the land on their feet and it's this type of uh youthful belief that is very difficult for people as they get older and so the the marriage of the two verses marked ten fifteen and john three fifteen it really is dealing with the exact same thing one having the belief of a child the simplicity of giving to god and trusting in the father as a child would rather than rebelling and pushing things or making it as the faith.

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