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About Atkinson is. Yeah, well, all right. Well, thanks for the call. By the way, I appreciate you calling your comments on the record and respected, of course. The guy that they are probably going to hire is Thibodeaux, the guy that I would have hired outside of Jeff Van Gundy? Who? Gwendolen wouldn't accept that. And neither would Van Gundy. Uesugi Jacob a cut Toe, leave ABC and ESPN and come to the next. What is it? The guy that I would have given a chance? Mark Jackson. I would have given him another shot. He left the Golden State with the mouthpiece and the Chevy. He got them going. But he had some issues with some players with the front office with ownership and so he didn't leave on the best of terms, And you could tell that he knows the game as he sits there with Mike Brain and Jeff and Gandhi on those delicate, so he definitely knows the game. I think he's probably learned from the experience I would have. I offered it to him, But it was look a CZ, though Thibodeau is going to get a job before we take a break. I wanted to pass along before your listenership before he or but I don't even know if that means anything. But what I want to vassal on is the very, very latest. With the face of the syringe, the face of the vile Pinocchio himself and his fiancee, and there are a number of people that want to join those to the face of the vial and the syringe and his fiance. Now, listen, Joe, who wants to sign up and they're going to and they're coming with money so they could outbid Steve Corners, you know, with the vial and with the with the Pinocchio Add this fiance. They have been 1.7. You know, Steve Cone has done 2.0 but prepared to go higher. If the Wilpons want to spite their fan Bay's if they want to spite everybody Including just about every single man and woman living in North America. Who wants to see the will Vons out as owners. They could take less money and possibly go with somebody. Other Then Steve con cones. First bid is 2.0 and the best thing for the Wilpons is to get into some kind of a bidding war. So that seems to be the possibility with the vial and the syringe. Pinocchio and his fiance. Here who has joined now listen to this group. These are the people who want to sign up with a roid and Jennifer Lopez. Hall of Fame linebacker Brian or Lacquer. Privacy. Kelsey target of Patrick Mahomes, DeMarco Murray and former offensive player of the Year and Wait. Ho Hold on, there is more Baseball people joining, including former offensive lineman Joe Thomas, the NBA's Bradley Beal and Denver Nugget Mason Plumlee. Baseball people nowhere to be found baseball people may not apply, apparently made Italy because being a part of this group might cause embarrassment. Ridicule and you Millie Asian All right. We're going to take a break and then get some more of your telephone calls. And usually, as is the case in the 11 p.m. hour. We do have some open lines. Not a lot. But certainly a line maybe with your name on it. And so no For the 18773376 xxx is if you didn't know where to go on your pan NewYork little for world class competition has always are you having a difficult time finding domestically made masks? Are.

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