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Alarm. I would be doing a disservice if I didn't go with Jim Brown. So I will go Jim Brown. I didn't know you went to Syracuse. Yeah. Did you used to re able to get to any of the games? Basketball or football? I'd make it a good amount of them. So I never saw Jim Brown there. Don't think he ever made it to anybody. He could see his jersey hanging in the rafters there. Yeah. Pretty cool. Okay now, Jon Drummond. I'm gonna have to go. By the way. First of all business, didn't Maybe I'm wrong. I'm really be a nit picker. But I thought Walter Payton rookie over 75, but I could be wrong. It was, but they didn't have a rookie card. Oh, so that's what I hear. They make a card Elementary. My dear Holmes Watson. Very, very sad. Checking that out, though, John here you guys pull those curveballs, man. Not that dumb as you think. I actually But I think I did because I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go with Tyler being orange Mint, even though, uh, around here and pain would be hotter than the hotcakes coming off the grill. I'm gonna go also with Jim Brown. And that general rookie card. I'm gonna go with two By Gosh, I'm going. Okay. John risk in the negative those with Tyler And then that leaves Nancy Huggins. I think I'm gonna go with Broadway. Broadway, Joe Name in print, rookie. Okay, So let's read the cards off in reverse order of these four. They ranged from 1400 to 2600 and in Hi bed. $1400 carried. Well, Let me tell you about Bo Jackson, Topps football rookie. P s a 10 $1400. It's actually for a 1988 stars football. That's that's really strong. There's a lot of have noticed a kind of an uptick in Bo Jackson stuff. Lately, it seems like his stuff's pretty had guys that were growing up in the late eighties and nineties. What if he didn't get hurt? Pete Feeding that hurts. Cheese could have been one of the best ever remember when he would like his arm in the outfield was just amazing, for sure. Okay? $1800 the Walter Payton rookie. So not bad at all for a P ece, eh? I still go down with my guy, Walter. Yeah. Okay, I'll take it. The second highest number. Broadway Joe Nemeth, Ricky Card. P s a 3.5 $1900. And Tyler and Jan Drum and each pick up a point with the Jim Brown 1958 taps. Rookie P Ece four went for $2600 Nice, so that means John, Nancy and Tyler are all tied at three. Invents laying in the weeds just waiting to make. I'm a stretch Runner, you know? Yes. Well, Nancy Huggins Now were you a Broadway Joe fan growing up? No, not really. I did grow up in the New York area. So you know, I got to watch the I watched them and But mostly I remember him from doing his pantyhose commercials? No, he didn't. Medicare commercial. Spicoli. Yeah. Doesn't trying to sell insurance or something like that, as well. Yeah, he's doing it all with that panty hose. That's hard to get out of your memory. Pick one of those things you just can't can't completely wiping out. Well, thanks, John Drummond and Nancy Huggins. Another great week of which ended higher and we hope to hear from you again next week. Same time. Same station you Thanks for joining us. Have a good week. You two? Yeah. Okay, Now the number here is 3123323776 If you have an item You think might be good for a Huggins and Scott auction might be valuable. You want to get an idea what it might run for? There's a few other things that people brought into me. We were talking about 1933. Gowdy's. There's a mole Berg 1933 County that you know what was really disappointing. Was that movie? Did you ever see that movie that you know, I heard the reviews were horrible, Just horrible. It's like, Yeah, I had to struggle to watch the whole movie. They did a terrible job with it. It could have been so good. And I mean such a great story behind Mo Berg. They really butchered it. They really did. Yeah, it was too bad. Then I sent in a A nice Wayne Gretzky 1979 tops rookie that that's got sent out by Huggins and Scott to get graded before so that they gave it the shot with the $300 and we'll see how it gets. Now. That's a good enough card, though they that makes a big difference that could make a $1000 difference in the value of the should be able to recoup what you put out for you. At least that failure just to find out what it is. It was nice and where it was worth it so That one. And then there is a second year. Gretzky 1980 taps second Year P ECE eight We're talking about the mike trout. Tops Update Rookie That's a P s a nine. That one I sent in. Here's one. I think this one may be doing. I don't know if you will remember this bill or net a Mickey Mantle 1964 tops stand up. Remember effect that sent for great Internet I get you probably When I think that one maybe was going out. That's kind of what it looked like. Yeah. Some nice original Heartland statues that they just got listed the pictures and with those yet, but they did just get listed. So those will be in the summer action, including. I think that Dick Groat all by itself. And we have a collar. I wonder if lurches isn't good. There you go. There's always ready Time from Glenview's. I'm lying. What's up time? How you doing? Good..

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