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Anybody's in his occupation as well. It's just it's crystallize it for me. Everybody else like, okay. All right. Reggie theus. I was like, damn girl, even patch. I was like, I should have been a baller. Patrick live. Listen, he was living to according to the testimony living like one of the MO most, right? He was. The most. Wow, that's when it really crystallized that. That's what it took. Took. Like your question? Yes, pretty sure. Being able to still sing works for them. Sure. Being unstaged as powerful. It is Rams seven, no Packers saints chiefs Seahawks before the Packers saints Seahawks chiefs. The next Ford, the all four. Those games are against something between a good team, two very good teams. They get through that. That's a Levin. Oh, yeah. And then I'll and it's already started you if you flip on the TV if you listen to the radio go online or wherever it is, the can. The Rams run. The table question is already started even though we're not at that point right now, not really a whole bunch in it because there's so much. But let's say you do get to eleven, and most of your tough games are now in the rear view mirror. You still got Philly, but it's here. You've got to go Chicago into Troy their road games, but you've done most of the work at that point. We saw what Sean McVeigh did last year at the end of the line when they're locked into their seed, they couldn't go up or down. He sat everybody in the last game of the season against an Francisco. Do you if you have perfection in your sites, do you go for it or do you start to set up what it is that you need to do to get ready for the playoffs? I think there are a couple of things I play that we've already gotten some insight on. One is som- McVeigh is not afraid not to play any of his players. If he doesn't think value to it, we saw in preseason didn't play all the complaints, all the whispering. They need time. He didn't see any value with it. Obviously, he was right, Willie see value in undefeated regular season. That's a question. Maybe he listens to his players who may be lobbying for maybe players believe. Like he does and that there's something greater than undefeated regular season, which is going into the postseason clearly healthy and trying to win a chip. I would say that the conversations about undefeated season, though Travis shouldn't start until the buy week. That's acco chiefs. That's the, that's the teeth of a difficult opponents Detroit. And I'm not just in Detroit. It's the fact that their stadium team, they're in a stadium and the Rams has shown a propensity give up, huge plays down a field in the secondary, and Matt Stafford has a big on this. He can make some. He's not Aaron Rodgers in terms of he can make you nervous die. She up. He's an issue, big one. He can hit you with the big one. So you need to be. The second. Dice it up. My goodness. But down Travis. But to me. But I think the larger question isn't a about the opponents after the. Bye even though I do Detroit think twice a threat. And I think it's about that San Francisco game in thirty that last game in the CNA really cut him up there and whether or not they value and undefeated season like that in their in their home. That's the question is what is the value of it? And I think it's incredibly valuable because the values on display every season win the Rams lose in, look beyond it, probably gonna lose their, they're probably gonna lose one of these games. So before we even get into twelve thirteen fourteen, we're having this discussion, it's and when they do, we're going to see the dolphins on the sideline. You're going to see all those guys that we see and hear from Don Shula you're gonna hear it all again..

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