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With all due respect to the woman I'm about to say they didn't call a Dell do this tribute right they didn't call Taylor swift the do it thank the Lord Blake Shelton didn't do the interview that they they did Jennifer expletive Lopez she's the hardest working woman in American entertainment like just area who works harder beyond like don't even take it back let's just rewind the tape like we're not doing okay she is one the hardest working people in show business and they call her up I'm sure she was like are you sure if memory serves I believe two months after this grammy event there was an actual motown tribute on CBS starring all the people that people on twitter like they call Xyz well you know what they did and they're doing it in a separate shows so here's Jennifer Lopez shut up I will say that I I did find it very strange to to see you know the grammys which is pretty historically white institution and it's shut Oh with a tribute to a historically black institution with a Puerto Rican woman who is one of the greatest entertainers we have right now I absolutely agree with you on that let me ask you something Wesley Do you think she did a good job no but I do think it was important and it was important for like not terribly deep reason yeah I was just thrilled to see her apply the Jennifer Lopez like extravaganza to music that is extravagant in a completely different way let's talk about it and thinking about the legacy of motown the legs the of blocking American music as American music and then thinking about Jennifer Lopez who is so American and all these ways as a Puerto Rican from the bronx it all made sense to me you talk about it I appreciated her response to the criticisms she went on the breakfast club and she said my kids win the car when we got the call and they're like mommy why don't they want you too what's going on but she did all due diligence a minute was gonna drop out and she talked to bury Gordon spoke to Stevie wonder you know he's like she talked to a lot of folks about whether or not it was appropriate net like cleese do it just do it motown music was for everybody and that you were inspired by that they made this music for her to do this so I came around like uncanceled her I canceled her for thirty seconds and then and cancelled her after I spoke with you and hurt her interviews and heard her talk about it like I was not going to let people will tear Jennifer Lopez apart over this it just wouldn't have been worth it anyway so this happens in February with this any other celebrity or pseudo celebrity they would have curled up in their tomb and just turn it dust you know what I mean they would have pulled the cover over the coffin and just had rip to me because that's a hard thing to come back from that is a hard thing to recover from not Jaylo a few months go by peak summer intern explodes again in a different way Jennifer a pass because Wall Street guys you see what they did to this country the trailer comes out and was rigged he does not reward people who play by the rules too when you want them drunk enough to get their credit cards with sober enough to sign a check now here's the thing about hustlers it's made exactly for me okay it's about women and take advantage of men dancing for money this movie is set during the two thousand eight recession a handful of strippers decide that because the industry is would've cost them their clientele because the stock market crashes in a lot of people coming into these clubs no longer can no longer can they decided to start running on on men they pick up in bars and they take their credit cards in some cases drug them and they buy they're all kinds of great closing gifts the trailer is like you see Cardi b. you see tracy that you see Lizardo et Cetera to all my friends I send all my sex worker friends I send my friends and I pulled in class and I'm like this is the moment this is our New Year's Eve ball drop we gotta go see this movie what I'm trying to say is I have no sense of if anyone outside of that realm cares it all but it turns out they because I'm movie comes out give me the numbers gave me the numbers last because it goes hand thirty three million dollars the opening weekend that is enormous it's more money than I thought a movie on this subject starring who it starts ars with all due respect to concerts Jennifer Lopez and lizzy Cardi B. and everybody else I just didn't think it was going to register in this way it's affordable movie it's probably going to be J.lo's big movie and on the one hand the studio knew it had had it is a movie that opened the second weekend in September so I mean you're not peak blockbuster summer and you're not Oscar Bait phone is movie sort of felt a little bit supported in a little bit dumped I see so that movie happens jarrod announces its getting married that would be Jennifer Lopez and her her man Alex Rodriguez who happened to be your favorite all time favorite celebrity couple they're number they shot to the top of the chart I don't even care about celebrities something about these two people so the idea they make you have these people are finding love together I care about this I truly do their my favorite celebrity couple gene sorry will and Jada because they're our favorite celebrity family right because okay yeah yeah yes anyway this is a classic Jennifer Lopez Year a little bit of failure a little bit of love a little bit of triumph how her life is also jailer movie taught as well but also it's something about the stars aligning for her in a particular way and the Cherry on Sunday that is jealous life right now now is the announcement that she's going to be performing at the Super Bowl halftime show with Shakira right again it will be complicated because people have located feelings about the NFL and halftime show and Jesus involved men Colin Kaepernick all of these things but you know our girl is not afraid of a little chitter chatter clearly right complicated but we also have to really acknowledge that it's incredibly major to have to Latin ex stars in the super bowl like at this moment in American history are you like it is deeply important it's going to be very meaningful to a lot of people yeah I'm just looking forward to seeing how these two very different artists collaborate you know what I mean gene 'cause I mean they'll figure it out I mean Jennifer Lopez Vegas nece Shakira's weirdness I'm excited to see what they come up with same anyway this is all just to say everybody that this one year this two thousand nineteen just encapsulates twenty four years of Jennifer Lopez let me ask you China when did you know that this woman was a star death no the moment she did her.

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