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Being offered for information that leads to the suspect Margaret Carrero KNX ten seventy news radio family members are optimistic about a full recovery for a young LA county sheriff's deputy she suffered critical injuries on the hit and run driver ran into her as she chased a suspect the code is so tough don't whack a man is deputy Dakota Polanco's dot he spoke to supporters at a fundraiser for the family that was put on by to Otis colleagues from the lake with station is so strong that she makes me feel weak and I think that's the best way I can describe the challenge that's in front of her is significant but I've watched her fight every day I've watched her get better every day and ensure the time she's always ocean for the twenty five year old deputy was responding to a call about a person acting a radically late last month and paramount when officials say the man started punching her through the window of her patrol vehicle how long ago was running after him when she was hit by a suspected DUI driver in an SUV both suspects were arrested let's give this guitar KNX ten seventy newsradio Palo alto's considering fines for teens to vape in public this comes after the city became the latest in California to ban the sale of vaping products in brick and mortar stores city councilman mark Tanaka tells can X. right now there's no real consequences for students who are caught fine have interesting effect which is that you know to find large enough like this is not a twenty dollar plan which lost his point how long has because since how how twenty dollars to pay something like that but it is a fine large enough that a student would have to probably get the personal pay for it what happens is it it brings print awareness as well Tanaka says they're still studying the possibility of implementing finds including how much they would be and how they would be enforced staff report is expected early next year a bizarre crash seat in our local mountains involves a very expensive car and a missing driver the Lamborghini was found Krashen upside down on Angeles crest highway near Altadena officers say there was blood in the car but no sign of the driver video of the bright red car shows skid marks leading up to it and debris on the side of the mountain like the car hit a big rock before it flipped over the car has organ plates investigators want to know who was behind the wheel Emily Valdez can extend seventy newsradio three twenty check any money here is lower cost with the fed's latest interest rate decision now in the rear view mirror Wall Street returns its attention today trade and the economy time is growing short for U. S. and Chinese trade negotiators as we approach a Sunday deadline for the threatened imposition of new US tariffs on Chinese imports the government will report on November wholesale prices with economists surveyed by Bloomberg for casting a two tenths of one percent increase and the labor department will have its latest count of first time jobless claims cosco will report its latest quarterly results after the market close it is expected to show strong sales momentum heading into the holiday season analysts surveyed by Bloomberg forecasting a four point seven percent rise in same store sales excluding fuel and the impact of foreign exchange.

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