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Greg you raised good questions. I mean, this is I just wanna know. So here's here's the alleged story. Her father is an architect porn on the Bronx until age five. She lived with her family and an apartment in park, Chester. Now, I used to live in I used to live in the Bronx as to live adjacent to park, Chester park, Chester is a large public housing ish project, meaning it is majority minority, but it is not what you think of a public. It's not like you think of a public housing project where you go. Oh my God. I don't want to park my car. It's a dangerous neighborhood. It's a rough scene. Part Justice actually like hundreds of mall, hundreds of like ten story buildings. It's a massive planned community that was designed for lower middle class people. So she's not grown up in the slums. She's not growing up in the tenements. She's not growing up, you know, relying on head start meals. Her father's an architect, and they live in like an okay neighborhood, then she moved to Yorktown heights, which would sort of be like going from a lower middle class neighborhood here in San Diego to. Maybe like instant nita's inland. Then Sanita Smaby Kosta. You know, it's a nice. It's a nice area. So so she tells us she's all down for the struggle. But she's living in Westchester county, which has one of the highest tax rates in the entire country. She visited her extended family in the Bronx, meaning the cousins and couldn't get out. She went and visited them she attended Yorktown high school. She graduated in two thousand seven won second prize in the Intel international science and engineering fair with a microbiology research project on the effects of antioxidants on the life span of nematode c elegance. He's a bartender. It is show of appreciation for our efforts. The international astronomical union named a small hemorrhoids asteroid after her. I'm joking two three two three eight oh Cossio Cortes in high school. She was part of the national. What is this the national Hispanic institute's Lorenzo Tzavela youth legislative session? She's at the LDC thing doing that thing in two thousand eight while she's a sophomore at Boston University. Your father dies of lung cancer. It's very sad. I'm sorry to hear that during college. She serves as an intern. Ted, Ted Kennedy? She's a Spanish speaker says she's the only one in the office because Ted Kennedy's the liberals are racist. They won't hire people of color. He graduates cum laude from B U in twenty eleven majoring in international relations and economics. She describes her background is working class relates many of our political positions to it. Her father died intestate in two thousand eight meaning he didn't have a will. She became involved in a long probate battle to settle the estate that must've taken some money. How'd you do that after college? She moved to the Bronx worked as a bartender in Manhattan. And as a waitress in a Takuya, you have a degree in internet. Hold on a second. You have a degree in international relations and economics. You are in the commerce capital of the world. You're in New York City and you're living in the Bronx. And you're not going downtown to get a job on Wall Street or investment or business or MacKenzie. You're not doing any of that kind of stuff with that degree. What what are you? Did you have to go to be you to get a degree to go work in takashumia? And as a bartender. I'm looking down on those jobs. I'm just saying it seems like a lot of money laid out for diminished return. I mean, I know you can probably make four hundred a night as a bartender, but that's serious serious work. So a lot of work. Her mother cleaned houses and drove school buses after father's death Cossio Cortes, another struggled to fight a foreclosure on their home. She then launched brook avenue press, a publishing firm for books. That portray the Bronx in a positive light. He worked as an educational strategist. She also worked for the nonprofit, Hispanic national Hispanic institute. She worked as an organizer for Bernie Sanders. Twenty sixteen campaign. She went and protested in Flint Michigan standing rock Indian reservation against the Dakota Access pipeline. What I'm saying is. So I'm looking at this this woman's background and much of it just doesn't make sense am I surprised she reaches out to Jeremy Corbyn. No, not at all. Not at all. It's unbelievable. Eight hundred seven sixty eight hundred seven sixty five three six two. It's the Brentwood Erbil show AM seven sixty talk and breaking news, Jim Sharpe. Vets got headlines. What's going on, Jim? Well, the US television audience for Sunday's Super Bowl dropped about five percent from last year. According to preliminary Nielsen data released today about forty five percent of the households and fifty six major markets tuned into watch. The patriots beat the Rams in the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history. Pope Francis, urged religious leaders today to work together to reject war as he opened the first-ever papal visit to the Arabian peninsula. The birthplace of Islam in a keynote speech to an interfaith gathering in the United Arab. Emirates Francis warned that the future of humanity was at stake, unless religions come together major European nations. Joined the United States today in recognizing opposition leader, Juan Widodo as Venezuela's legitimate had a state the coordinated recognition by a flood of European nations included Britain germ. France and Spain you're never more than fifteen minutes.

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