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There now. What right it's not being reported other rice and stealing and murder and everything is happening. And because the black Gump the black people took over the government and as a result of their hatred for white people over there. They're robbing and raping and chiller they have funded police departments or no protested potentially taken away the right to bear arms over there and so the citizens have to pick up a stink and defend himself as awful man and that's was happening in america today and you know hear about about mommy africa because it's happening to white people to roll was very wrestled. We'll be hearing about what if you pay attention. The putting these radical blast inaba government and mayors and and and congress men and women and our government and they're passing laws defunding. Police reparation is happening now at. They're doing exactly to america what they've done to south africa and just as the taken land of the whites without compensation in south africa is gonna happen here in america. If why people get over this phony idea about slavery in police brutality and jim crow and white americans don't star speaking up voting these people out get an involve. The exact same thing is already happening. But they're land will be taken about it. I and we. We also need to vote out those radical whites. I'm thinking of bill de blasio and some of those guys do. But the point jesse here is like you've got b. l. m. and the antifa who burned down the country for eight months last year and kill people and and steal things and attack government buildings and basically they get off the hook especially in new york. I mean they're being released without charge very often or pleading down whereas you get these excitable right wing people the guy with the horn or whatever. The guys took pelosi's lectern and they go and they make a mess of the capitol and that's very bad but they're gonna go to jail for twenty years. Meanwhile the people have burned down buildings for six months. They're gonna get off the hook because they gotta get straight white male out of the way northern. That's what this is all about. I mean and you made it clear. Look what happened. That was the insurrection. Apart america burden a robin a steeler raping murdering al-qassa oh just a riot peaceful protests. Yeah for and a few people will. Anger would just trenton to gordon to the capital bill in there because is showing now that there were people who were encouraged people to do it right and now they're acting like a on capitol as a russian about american and what they're doing they're going after the street white conservative christian man. They gotta get him out of the way in order to turn america to socialist society and so they want the blast burner rob in a rape men so that they can have their confusion going to get the white man out at away. Then you're going to take away all of our rights and control all the people all about that. I do think there is also so much of. Leftism is an inversion of christianity and so in christianity. You get the incarnation of absolute goodness of absolute redemption. In the person of christ. And then i do think there's something to the way you're talking about identity politics jesse there is certainly an idea being promulgated by our institutions that in the straight white man who thinks he's a man who's rich you know. Go down all the groups. You get the incarnation of evil. Sort of irredeemable incarnation of evil. I guess the only the only thing though. You're jesse that i think throws a wrench in your theory is the. I don't think the left likes you very much. And i think you're standing up pretty hard and you're definitely straight and you're definitely male but i i am pretty certain you're a a straight blackmail all the way i love. What right so. They cannot stop me. I have no fear. I have no doubt i have no word and so i love my country and i refuse to just laid out and let these evil people take over by country. There's nowhere to go. And even if they were so. Because i think why people going into outer space now and like ilan jeff bezos right so i am saving my money so when they go up there and they. They opened up some land..

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