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When we here in frankfurt on the shores of lake michigan go into the city we drive forty five miles east along the lee inau lee lee inau peninsula traverse city which is located on the south end of the fifty mile long to grant traverse bay wireless background you've now ready of least from at least three traverse city little jordan owen dennis ryan and matt hall since i had such a great time getting together little in colorado on thinking we should do it traverse city unless jordan would like to invite a scruffy bunch of little to his tony yacht club i suggest we made it the roof top deck of the franklin five thirtyish on a wednesday before memorial day the 24th please invite all northern michigan little to join us as usual just west berlin cheese to the hostess and she will guide you might ask him out for that little helping little we have here from bobby drought godfrey tonight team raiders of the lost apostrophe name moose cans most decisive victory yet not only did we have a perfect first round not only do we break three hundred for the first time but we won by thirty four points on what was a crowded trivia nigerian games seven this came despite the trivia hostess not accepting our answer of tony kornheiser for what jazz great with nicknames sexual at suffering that as it may alex none of those people have been in my kitchen big shout out to our out of town guests look over be as well as regulars clair jan my johnny and mark and and so that's really nice brady inland nor a north carolina last week i was in a leadership training.

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