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Lady get. All right we're back. I found so you know a few weeks ago. Talking about redoing my pinterest Oh. My God. This is the one when you found all those pictures. Inappropriately posted yes, so I found but I also started a board called like things, related gang, or whatever and I found like a really good tile that was like forty deep questions to get to know yourself and find your life purpose. Oh, I'm going to help you guys find your. Life purpose gray. So here's the first one. What small gesture from stranger made a big impact on you stranger while you is think I'll tell you mine because I already looked at this I knew what I was going to. One of those out. I didn't think about it all right now. Thanks, you're so pretty Maybe Nicer to me, Jack I. Say more. Anesthesia. Anesthesia. In tax defense I was in healthy face like I was right in front of her face. I'm just kidding. I'm not kidding, but it's fine. Off so I remember when I was like very very young and my mom had a big pontiac like Brown. The cars in the eighties were just like so bomb. Yes. Trunk and the front was just like yeah, a car. And she took me to dance workshop or something in the city, which is like an hour outside of where I grew up, and I remember US running out of gas, and we pulled over from the site on the side of the road, and we had no gas and we couldn't get home. and. I from my childhood, like five year old memory, a friend of hers pulled over, and she was like Oh friend and the friend was like. Do you need a ride? And we were like? Yes, and then friend drove home. And then later in my life I realized that that was a stranger like that wasn't a friend. Just driving down the highway was like someone saw this woman and this kid, clearly out of gas or needed help, hold over and was like Oh my God you need help and then I remembered so I always thought about that growing up, and then when I was in high school I was driving home from my job at joey tomatoes, being a waitress and I remember seeing woman who's Mar.. Mar The batter clearly died or something. She was like on the side of the road, and I pulled over as do you need a ride front? And she had a kid, and like I gave her to the house, and I always remember like that kid isn't going to be scared. Because of the kindness of strangers, but I learnt that action by being having someone, a stranger helped me and my mom when I was very young. That's if you want abducted child. Just say hello friend. That is we're getting my van. I Have Candy Small Town though SM. Towns is when we're those things happen. Anyway is nice. Small gesture from a stranger that made a big impact in La if you pull up to and say hello, friend immediately like career alarm. Or they think they're on like cash, cab or something. Yeah, I do I need to sign a release? I don't think I've had any like Super Nice adjusters. Not by strangers I. Don't think that I've like impacted me. one. No, no usually people have to. Help me because they want something. So dark. What makes you feel most alive? ooh! Laughing when you're with friends or your family and something truly hilarious happens, and everybody just can barely breathe. They're laughing so hard. That is like my favorite feeling in the whole world. It's usually with my sister because we have we find the same exact things funny because when you share like A. When you share a childhood, you find all the same kinds of people and things funny where no. Where like other people would be like. That's not funny at all, so then I can like laugh like that with her usually. mine would be driving pch windows down blasting. Florida Georgia Line or Florida Georgia line I just have had so many moments in my life where it's either I'm like really down or celebrating something, and I can always remember driving pch like looking at the ocean wind in my hair, and that's a wonderful moment. Nice Kelty, what you're so good I think when I'm in nature. I've said this before like. I just love being like an ocean. That's very crystal blue and I'm like just floating may have an idea for our our trip. Yes, it's so good. Lake Powell. Have you heard of it? No, yes, in Utah. Canadian I don't know she doesn't know where the ocean is. It, we should do an RV trip. They have these luxury sprinter. RV's. And we should take into Lake Powell and it's crystal clear water it literally looks other worldly, and you can, or you can do a houseboat on Lake Powell yes, which is sounds so fun. Okay, so we'RE GONNA wind. Let's do it. We're doing the VIBE. That's what we're doing. Yeah, that's great. Yeah! I was GONNA. Say in my drive bag. I just got two nights Punta. Mita, for free in your what Bear Miami Gag? Gift Bag, I don't want to be on a flair I know. I know but for later okay, can we drive to lake, Powell? Yeah, it's like eight hours or something you. Drive the I don't think. We can probably just do cars if we're doing a houseboat once we get there. Yeah, all right. This is boring. We're not gonNA, and if anyone has any tips for us, please DM. Does anyone a houseboat on lake our? Yacht we can borrow. There are still houseboats. Okay, WE'RE GONNA. Look into it fabulous by a right now that we have a plan. We have to go and make our plans Texas. At ten PM on a Saturday, Kelsey. Okay, I won't. I was on Ambien. I'm sorry. Okay. We weren't here for a long time, but we're here for a really good. 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