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Odds but quite consistent symptoms which haven't really been with not properly but they describe a heavy useless painful arm but of course nothing is visible know even on a scam where sort of thing and yet there's no way anyone would do these things to animals we have no idea what's injuries it did on people how their buddhists will respond as a very soon bowel safety you make their is that we content than even the science of exacting landing ivory because we don't have a science because it would be unethical to do that studies in animals so we are really are at a loss yossi we're guessing gas so how confident all you when it comes to building the evidence yourself as a as a concoct psychologists how do you help then in these medical legal cases source of osce imaging and brain scan helping primetime yes tell us this a little bit how you piece together the story when there is in the absence of clear visible injury much malls one would for any other medical legal case about consistency of the difficulties people have and the sense that makes in terms of their injuries and their beliefs about the injuries their beliefs about what might be harmful on dangerous liscio might exacerbate the pain and given that people often come from cultures where the idea of how the body works and what sort of forces operated moon body and how it can be disturbed often fairly different so one has to try to understand that a bit better but they're all quite lots of pretty standard forms of torture under the always new ones to be found out about but the some pretty standard ones where i think we we now know what to expect beating the cells that the fetus another one that leaves often very very painful cells as a feet i mean really classic neuropathic pay scn and i think using those his paying mechanisms to try to instead that pain is one of the best way to describe it for medical legal cases among the describes a careful building up of a picture for medical legal cases but it's no sunny asylumseekers you have to prove they arm pain other examples are accident compensation or injury at work and because i specialize in advance brainimaging some people think this may be the feature the idea.

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