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All three phases. Obviously stating the obvious is the defense coming out and just having the turnovers they had two defensive touchdowns in the second quarter thought they kept cost of pressure on their offense. Just just played great. The final score was forty one to nine. So even if the bears only had the two touchdowns on the defensive side of the ball. They still end up winning this game. And you know, it's gotten bad when Sean McDermott or any coach really, but you know, it's gotten bad when Sean McDermott is having to answer for how miserable the fans are. And how much they deserve a better product on the field. I understand where they're coming from. I do. More than they do. And they deserve they deserve better. So the bears crushed the bills and also in the AFC east the dolphins moved back above five hundred. It's not Brock Tober anymore. But it's bro. Remember, I don't know. I'm not really sure he didn't have a great gang. Nobody had a great game between the dolphins and the jets offenses the career-high foreigner sections for Sam darnold and Jerome Baker had the only touchdown a rookie. But not a rookie on the offensive side. Hit a pick six of darnold and a fourth quarter touchdown for Miami. So that was kind of interesting just ironic, I guess that here you are with this rookie quarterback. And instead, it's a rookie defensive back who ends up with a pick six off of Sam darnold one. I'd say one item of note in this game. Is that Frank gore moved into sixth all-time all? The NFL's list of yards from the line of scrimmage. And so that's neat for him that he continues to play. He continues to be productive. And we'll see what happens with the dolphins. Now, they haven't taken there by yet there at five and four and so for them to get this win. I get it the jets, but it's still in the division. And when you're talking about wildcards in the AFC, there's I mean, it's wide open. So right now the chargers have put themselves in a good position. The Bengals have put themselves in a good position. But the dolphins who get haven't yet taken there by week have five wins same as the Bengals more than the ravens more than the titans or the Jags. So right now, they have the second most number of wins a team that's not in first place. So they're right there. Eight five five two one.

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