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Yeah, right And the rest of that branch off from the guys in charge from those guys. Yeah, that's interesting to look at that. I mean, clearly you think of the Cleveland Browns back in the mid mid seventies, mid nineties, when Bill Belichick was the head coach. Will you grant? Pull up that pull up if you can. The Cleveland Browns coaching roster back in 90. I don't know for When when Belichick was there and look at the names on that. Coaching. Tree that coaching roster. And it's mean Jim Schwartz was on that later became a head coach. Um Ozzie Newsome was on that, as an assistant coach later became may be as good a general manager as we've ever had in the history of this league. Um The Nick Saban was on that staff. We all know about Nick Saban's coaching acumen. I think Um Scott, Scott Pio Li Was on that staff for part of that staff, and he later became a GM running two different organisations. Kirk parents also hurt fares was the line coach on the brown staff. And obviously, now is the Head coach of the University of Iowa. There's a couple of more There's a couple of younger guys that really went onto good careers. Then. In the league. Yes, it's amazing job bugle, too part of the woody tree. Didn't know that. You know, either. George Shop, Navy head coach. Yes. Or it looks like champions chump. I think I remember having his champ Dave McClane, Wisconsin, you head coach. Doit Perry Bowling Green. Miles. Stop Cincinnati, would he looks like he's the man? When it comes to Ah, Glen Mason. Remember, Glenn Make sure university Kansas Dick LeBeau. I didn't realise Dick Lobel. I think he did. I don't know. I don't remember that. Well, he played OK, so he played for Woody. Gary Moeller, John McVeigh, There's up and it's a long list here era procedure. The airport's Egan was was part of that Miami of Ohio staff. I don't think airports Egon ever worked in Ohio State that no member northwestern Notre Dame in Miami behind me of Ohio. Interesting. Did he recruit you? He did. Coach Parseghian set in my parents. Living room. How cool is that? That was pretty. You know what for an 18 year old punk that was I was pretty cool that he was a big, big, big name back there and then obviously I did not go to Notre Dame. But then the college All Star game that was played and that was the final college All Star game and I Participated in that in Chicago. We played the Steelers coach Parseghian was the head coach. He just He just retired from being the head coach. Notre Dame. I know we're out of time. But how could you have era come to your house and then not go to Notre Dame? I mean, seriously, you know what? Notre Dame and Digger Phelps Said in my living room as well and digger was the basketball coach at Notre Dame. And so he will recruit me in basketball, and I didn't go because you want a mom and dad to watch him play? Yeah. I mean, I was C U had had it going on, and I was a local kid. You know, suddenly get it. Stay home. 10 25 time. Stick around more ahead on K away individual results. Very exclusions apply. Imagine feeling the freedom of.

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