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I got the sense of what this was all about. And so my spreaker when we sat down was who's gonna call page six you're us and some people chuckled, Alex. I don't remember chuckling at the time he was in the midst of fighting for his career in a livelihood. So he didn't really seem to have much of a sense of humor. But sure enough within a week or two it was in. It was in page six and I'll tell you that we didn't we didn't call page six, but it was very clear that we were sort of pawns. In Alex's PR offensive against major league baseball in an attempt to kind of I don't know what to intimidate them that he was going to spill the beans on what I'm not sure. But we sat there with Alex for about an hour and a half hilarious to me that a guy who is under investigation for drugging baseball decides. You know, who I'm going to get I'm going to get the guys made cocaine Cowboys. But we sat there for an hour maybe hour and a half during which Alex sitting close to me as you are right now. Just lied and lied and lied and lied, and I found some of it very compelling jumping now and say Billy you've made films about football. I think that's more your sport. Elfriede your the baseball fan in this degenerate baseball fan. And so we sat there listening to Alex. Deny everything and deny having taken steroids and being involved with Tony Bosch. And so building I walked out of there. And I said, I said, I said, I I think he's terribly compelling character. I think you made a lot of very compelling points. And I was persuaded on some of it, and I didn't buy it at all. And sure enough couple of weeks later, the arbitrator found him guilty, and and Alex was suspended. Alfred is the baseball expert in in this company. I'm not I referred to screen saver. I think the players are one collective bargaining agreement away from hitting a ball and then hopping onto a golf cart and riding around the bases. I'm not I mean, I get it. But doesn't have the integrity of the NFL. It's no shocker that. America's pastime is filled with liars and cheaters let's just put it. Let's put it that way. But but definitely Alfred in fact, and you're this I thought was going to be an interesting kind of ice breaker as well. Alfred pitched against a rod in a summer league in high school. We had a I played high school baseball in Dade County. Alex few years older than me, but I take onto summer camp down. Ron Frazier sports camp down at the university of Miami. So Alex of the older guys. Who is they did, you know, even then everybody. He was headed out to. He ended up getting drafted number one in the Seattle Mariners. Everybody knew he was he was hot stuff in Dade County and gay couches to breeding ground for baseball players. The talent that comes out of south Florida. We as Billy's fetish is a bit in the U as far as football talent. But baseball talented, south Florida is Jerry and Jose Canseco was obviously our biggest here's his way. Not how'd you do pitching. Hit by off the top of the wall. Triple basically would have an Alfred disaster to a. After their meeting with a rod in twenty thirteen. They never heard from him again. But around six months later, they heard from Tony Bosch, Tony Bosch is the the basically demand at the center of the scandal of the center of the Alex Rodriguez, the biogenesis turds kennel he is went to medical school in Belize never got licensed in the United States to be a doctor but ended up running an anti aging clinic series of a series of anti-aging clinics where he would treat not only local Miami. But also had a roster of athletes professional athletes. So we went and met with Tony Bosch and not only professionals, right? That's right. Well, college and high school players as well. In south Florida. Several of the players have got taken in the two thousand five draft out of the university of Miami were clients of his in fact, his office was right across the street from the university of Miami baseball field, which is known as Alex ROY..

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