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Grow I'm Beth Myers in the news radio one thousand Katie okay new center there had been an additional twelve deaths in Oklahoma from corona virus in its daily report out today the state health department says the deaths occurred in Oklahoma Cleveland Tulsa a dare Greer K. and Wagner counties there are seventy nine total deaths in the state with more than fifteen hundred confirmed cases and the Oklahoma department of corrections now says five of its employees have tested positive for coke but nineteen years Margot marrano they include four facilities staff members and one probation and parole officer also an inmate at the Jackie Brannon correctional center in McAlester has tested positive D. O. C. says masks have been provided for all inmates and staff statewide and inmates are confined to their cells to limit exposure it appears governor Kevin Stitt is at odds with lawmakers on how to fill a four hundred sixteen million dollar budget hole for the current fiscal year the governor says budget cuts to state agencies should be out of the question Oklahomans are struggling Oklahomans are hurting asking the state government also cut expenses by one or two percent is very reasonable in the current situation that we're in at the same time the governor says he will protect core services including health care the state house and Senate voted on Monday to tap into the state's reserve accounts to make up for the shortfall house speaker Charles McCall and Senate president pro tem Greg treat both say that they will not authorize cuts during the covert nineteen response and the governor issued an executive order today ensuring that first responders including correctional officers law enforcement and fire personnel who work for state agencies will receive guaranteed paid time off if they get sick with corona virus state says there's no opportunity for these people to work from home so they need our support he's encouraging cities and counties across the state to take this same action the Oklahoma employment security commission in an undated with first time unemployment claims agency director robin Roberson says one hundred thirty five thousand first time claims have been filed so far that compares to about fifteen hundred claims a week that have been filed before the corona virus our agency yes the way the work search criteria for regular.

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