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Been released if he were dead speaking to a source if he is dead something is likely going to have to be reported very soon inside North Korea just to make sure that the population is settled but we outside of North Korea they may try to sit on the news of anything for a while but the fact that some of this is leaked out right now is a very bad sign of course I guess people would have to wonder about corona virus because we probably aren't getting reports out of North Korea on how much is a problem there I'm not we're not getting any reports at all about that they have not declared any cases and no one really expects them to do this they did this with sars and it's kind of their thing they would like to keep it all under wraps so if Kim Jong un is dead who would assume control if this is true there are a number of possibilities interestingly his sister Kim yo Jong was just promoted to a fairly significant position in the politburo recently in fact just about ten days ago there's also show wrong yay who is the president there and he's considered to be very loyal to Kim Jong woon so you know he's a possibility there's also his uncle ambassador Kim Jong il and he is Kim jong-un's father's half brother he's been an ambassador for about thirty years in Eastern Europe and it's not clear where he is at this point but there are a number of possibilities but the most intriguing one at this point is Kim yo Jong his sister this would mean the first time a woman has been a head of state there and in this particular situation this could be a very very significant breakthrough there and again if this is true it says the security concerns there and here in the U. S. well they're very significant because the government there is always suspicious that it might be a target for regime change and there's concerns that South Korea of course order the US might seek regime change as well and we shouldn't forget that this is a country with some nuclear capability they certainly have missile capability we know that and they've been testing a lot of this recently and in fact within the last few days or so there's been an interesting increase in the readiness of the military there but it's a very unstable scenario in that country on a good day under Kim Jong moon and if this situation is true then again as we said at the top all of this is just a very bad sign okay thank you very much JJ green our national security correspondent following this story for us on the condition of Kim Jong un brother Kim Jong un in North Korea it is three forty four face masks and other supplies are in great demand Fairfax county teen is using the skills he learned in a robotics club to make sure local businesses get what they need all three one child is spending his time outside of the classroom making and delivering face masks using a three D. printer I thought when I collaborate with a ton of other people to make a really strong organized after that's when he and a friend in New York came up with the organization hack the pandemic a lot of the work we've been doing is to work with local makers people who can sell or three D. print so far they've printed and donated more than two hundred fifty facemask another major effort crowdsourcing through half the pandemic they've connected folks were making masks with those in need working with the small groups that need it the most that has always been really inspiring to me if you'd like to help or make a donation visit our website W. two P. dot com Melissa Howell WTOP news it is three forty five sports at fifteen and forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a Honda here's Christiane don't let anyone tell you that rounds four through seven are nothing but a crap shoot and don't matter in the NFL draft sixty five percent of an NFL roster is made up of guys drafted after the third round including undrafted free agents and the Redskins have been building that young nucleus today while trading a disgruntled veteran before day three really got revved up Washington acquired a fifth round pick this year and a third round pick next year in exchange for Trent Williams softens of tackle a big need for the forty Niners as Joe Staley who is part of the NFL's all decade team retired today at the age of thirty five so after that trade the Redskins might have found a replacement on their own as well Washington selecting tackle city Charles out of L. S. U. with their first pick on day three today their other fourth round pick wide receiver Antonio Gandy golden out of liberty he scored twenty touchdowns over the past two seasons in Lynchburg in the fifth round the Redskins selecting center Keith is a mile out of San Diego state as well as outside linebacker colleague Hudson at a Michigan the Redskins have two more picks to go before the draft concludes both seventh round selections I'm Christiane WTP sports coming up after traffic and weather today's frontline hero it's three forty six.

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