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Of sane and they're going to be pastors and churches and that's like the craziest thing i've ever heard and so it's it's really strange that people who you know worship god who is the creator of of all that is are nevertheless so callously is sort of in disregard of the future of that creation and a and a lot of it is related to this kind of theology is because hey you know in the end it's all going to burn up any way so why not help it along or um you know it's just part of god's plan i feel like it also explains their support for the bulgarian near center trump rate like there's something the very like floor ignace of his lack of faith somehow fits into this nyla stick viewpoint that the world's going to end any way in this this guy who is kind of terrible is going to be the instrument of that you know like at ya the narrative i think just sort of makes intuitive cents to someone who's grown up in that culture yeah it really does seem to do that some of the same people who right now erred dog whistling about jerusalem and the conversion of the jews and biblical prophecy in the middle east you know they're also the same people who before the election had equated um donald trump with king david madden and the idea there of course was that king david had a terrible moral life and had all these you know had affairs and had all these concubines and all this kind of stuff but that he winds up being the greatest king of israel and setting up the line for the coming of the messiah and so the the equation of donald trump with king david was first of all about what you're talking about oh well you know he ice had a lot of wives he's had a lot of you know lovers erv girlfriends or he is abused women and all these kinds of things but it really doesn't matter because donald trump is setting up the set of historical events that will lead to the return of.

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