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Stage you play something from Richard Marx nobody really gets fired up right here waiting for you the club I was familiar with there was one that again that's it's a dying industry right because so much is going to webcam yeah the right direction it was ten dollars of the the DJ got paid ten dollars per girl plus a percentage what they meant wow wow wow doing just the hammer and that'll show podcast we had a gentleman's club who's one of the sponsors of our show yeah he was gonna tell me off camera one night how it all works the business model and it's like they are kind of like a family in there everybody works together and and we always said I think we talked about this before him you can chime in on this the money for the girls is not in the dancing it's in the relationships they make with the dudes and they'll make a lot more just sitting there talking to some guy for an hour yeah I mean they talk about how they're in law school they're working their way through meds stage work the dancing is just so you can get to either the the champagne room yeah whatever they call it not there yeah and then you start chatting with clients maybe that client needs a date to a certain event it kind of becomes almost an escort type situation that's where the money comes in which is the thing which is why they pay you have to pay per girl because if you're a chick who goes in there just to meet dudes you're not getting a lot of money for dancing which the DJ would get money so twice the DJ per girl no US law yeah I mean I'm learning a lot right now I feelings when you told the dance we didn't want to private dancer she wasn't attractive like I've got a horse you know but god does you have to say you know some chick coming by and she just looks like she's been ran over by a truck yeah it's two o'clock in the morning and she looks like Toby Keith a private jet thank well you say I would rather go home and be by myself and have your crab anywhere near me just say no thank you I'm gay just say I'm out.

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