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Eight eight two if you want to be on the program the email address elrushbo at eib net dot us you wanna hear a weird story trump's ex dr his former personal physician that longhaired maggotinfested looking guy what's his name bornstein what is his name i think it's i'm not sure is named i think that's anywhere this guy is saying his office was raided by trump's bodyguard and top lawyer in cnn can't keep their pants up over this cnn is going bonkers nbc broke the story everybody's running their version of it now i'll trump's doctor sat on this for a long time and this doctor is estranged from trump this doctor has not treated trump in years but he was at one time trump's personal lawyer and the information he provided at one point showed trump to be in perfect health now herald bornstein is is trump's exeter and when he says that that it was keith schiller trump's bodyguard keith schiller was fired shortly after komi was fired keith schiller was the former new york cop if you remember during the campaign this guy was the first off the plane everybody thought he was secret service he was trump's personal bodyguard been with trump for a long time and he was always on stage was just never more than five steps away from trump burke cut gray just a mountain of a guy you had you look at this guy and you knew that he was solid steel bodyguard anyway keith schiller was given the letter to james comey announcing it was fired and told to deliver it to calm his home which he did but komi was not home he was in los angeles in fact soon to get on the airplane they come back to washington he was an la fbi office meeting when he got the news on tv that he had been fired shortly after that schiller was no more i don't know why don't know what precipitated it but this doctor is claiming that schiller amitav lawyer rated his office and took with them trump's medical records well schiller hasn't been around for over a year now so i don't know when this supposedly happened but you get used to drive is going absolutely a over it for for all of the predictable reasons will there must have been something in there that trump.

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