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That's just not who I am visiting about running that is love is I can go anywhere travel anywhere and I don't need a gym I just need some air pods and I'm little google map to make sure I don't like run off the you know whatever and I'm gone I mean, I'll go around five or six miles in a new city I've never visited and I've just toured it. It's very call. I've heard other runners talk about that my wow. What is that like for you? Kind of? Kind of fun. I love it. I just love it so. We catch up. Your at Stamford. You meet Jaren. Yeah and then how do you guys wind up in La? Well, he's originally from L. A.. He grew up here in the valley very much lay born and raised, and yeah, we I get so excited when people are. So he's so loves it Deep City Pride. There's an aggressive amount of pride actually. And I'm GonNa just say like good on you but it was the kind of thing where I remember. You know. Again, as I said, my mom being very traditional Mexican like she had never even really seen a black person until she was like in her mid twenties, she'd come to the states you know. So I think she was like. What's happening here and I was like Oh this person So So I think I love. I know like what? Yeah. So I think that it was definitely kind of a big shock to my mom and my family just being like, wow. Okay. This is like who Elsa at when we were first dating. Now you know and when we got married it was. Less of a shock, but I think at the beginning it was definitely. Like kind of a surprise and you know and even. Like now I mean we we just had our twenty-second Valentine's Day. We've been married for fifteen years even in the beginning of our relationship because I sort of really hadn't kind of grown up in.

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