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Station. Twenty six degrees at one o'clock. Good morning. I'm sue Guzman. The man suspected of the brutal slayings of her Bronx woman and her teenage son is found dead of an apparent suicide. Police say the body of Hector. Cruz was recovered Sunday morning from the train tracks at the metro north train station in hartsdale officials say fifty one year old Mirasol Ortiz and her fourteen year old son Allante lower bay were found with severe head trauma in their apartment that may have been inflicted by an exercise weight, New York, New jersey and Connecticut are among sixteen states filing a lawsuit over President Trump's national emergency declaration to build a border wall. California attorney general's Avia Sarah who's leaving the charge says he expects victory in the US supreme court case gets that far. I think you're gonna find that conservative justices along with liberal justices are going to want to protect the constitution. Not protect Donald Trump coalition argues the decision as unconstitutional, hundreds of mourners are paying their respects to fallen NYPD detective Brian Simonson Simonsen was killed by friendly fire last week responding to a cellphone store, robbery and queens. Timothy cardinal Dolan was among those attending the wake another viewing scheduled for today. In a funeral. Mass is slated for Wednesday at the church of Saint Rosalia. In Hampton bays. Two men have been arrested in Simonsen staff. Police are investigating after a dead. Fetus, turned up in Brooklyn. Police say they got a nine one one call around seven in the morning after a fetus was found underneath a tree in a bag by Linden boulevard and Bradford avenue in east New York and not far from an elementary school. And police say it's not clear how the roughly twenty week old fetus Scott there. I'm Scott Pringle for seven ten. Timothy cardinals only wants New Yorkers to be aware of. Then alternatives to abortion on Monday. He called attention to the Catholic churches programs that work with pregnant women who are considering abortion and helps them keep their babies. We thought it would be very teachable time. I just to stand up say, we're here, we love you. We welcome you. There is an alternative here. Recently passed the reproductive health act that allows women to have an abortion late in pregnancy. If her or the baby's life is in danger Dolan says the archdiocese's program is run by the sisters of life and provides emotional financial and practical support for pregnant women. Another wintry mix is returning to the tristate area on Wednesday, snow and ice left. The roads messy yesterday morning, especially north and west and the same as expected for Wednesday evening commute about an inch of snow is expected in and around New York City wants you three inches north and west and the New York City commission on human rights setting new guidelines aimed at preventing hairstyle discrimination. The New York Times says the guidelines will be released this. Week and are designed to stop discrimination against African Americans hair..

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