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Dot com. Let's build something better. Born in Joplin, Missouri was fascinated by anything with wheels and a motor the odds of him going onto fascinating millions with his talent one in two hundred sixty thousand the odds of him having fifteen career NASCAR victories one in one point seven million. The odds of the child being diagnosed with autism one in eighty eight. I'm Jamie McMurray and my niece has autism. Learn more at autismspeaks dot ORG slash signs. Brought to you by autism speaks and the Ad Council. I appreciate you making an appointment to listen to the Michael berry show right here on eleven ninety K E X if you're not Niro radio you can always listen on the free iheartradio app. The Michael berry show, get it. Your home for the Oregon state beavers touchdown NewsRadio eleven ninety K E X. Did that time time time. Mocking load. Michael berry show is on the air. I don't. Hey. Down. Cami. Do I have a story for you? Oh,.

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