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For hot peppers much sooner than they normally would develop in a single season try growing to season pepper plants and you'll have hot peppers a lot sooner in your number two then you would in your number one so there you go I am impressed with common old oregano growing in the garden Oregon amble Garay it is a B. magnet I am amazed at how these pink purple flowers of the Rosie M. C. variety of oregano is just doing that is turned into a very nice ground cover that's about two feet high well not two feet high maybe a foot and a half tall with about a three foot spread and the bees just love it there there most of the day so if you're tracking be used to your yard and you like to use oregano and cooking get some common oregano and plant it the oregano Oregon amble gari is your common oregano and the Rosie him or Rosie on variety really does have pretty sort of pinkish reddish flowers that are very nice rose colored flowers I guess you could say that a really attracts the B. so if you like bees and you should of plant some oregano the bees also like the WRT guy lardy a is a perennial that does well in warm climates and I've got two or three different guy lardy of varieties growing and they're now in full bloom and they also are attracting a lot of bees and of course said yes then use are just going fabulous right now great summer annual for our area speaking of babies we're going to be talking to the author of the book the honey bee hobbyist about having backyard beast will do that right after the news as we continue with the KFBK garden show right here on news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. and the I heart radio app this is a last chance alert it's happening in just days publishers clearing house.

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