Mitch Mcconnell, Sherman Shelby Center, President Trump discussed on Eddie and Rocky


Package to help the thousands of migrants coming across the u._s. mexican border it's very close to the measure that democrats were able to push through the house last night senate majority leader mitch mcconnell today the bipartisan senate border supplemental has passed with an overwhelming vote i commend sherman shelby center lay members lupo creations committed for breaking the log-jam the house bill does have more constraints than the senate version when it comes to how the trump administration can spend the money a compromise should be able to get to the president's desk before the july fourth recess meantime an ohio house committee today voted to let people carry a concealed weapon in the state without needing a license or training the vote was seven to four in the federal ism committee i don't want somebody buying a gun at coming out of a taco bell and see somebody breaking into their car and think they can pull their gun out and try to stop that from happening that is not what the concealed carry laws state of ohio say ohio state reptile colour of springfield he was in favor of a provision that would require gun buyers to get a pamphlet explaining ohio's law in summary that provision was ultimately taken out no word yet when the full house could take up that measure on wall street today the dow lost eleven points nasdaq closed up twenty five the s. and p. fell four news radio seven hundred wwl sports his reds update their as up their road trip tonight closing out there to game set up against the angels in anaheim seven hundred w._w._e.'s coverage begins with sports talk at six o five the arnaud carriers inside pitch at seven oh five in the kelsey chevrolet extra innings show after the game scooter genetics headed back to cincinnati after last night's rehab game in indianapolis he.

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