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Is accuracy and don't throw intersections and he didn't throw one last night it gets big plays downfield bys why receivers because you're wondered who is going to be that go to guide it was again deal for the yards digs had a couple of touchdown catches one out of broken coverage were is wide open another did a nice job to step and in the corner the end zone with a an having control the ball so and and they got the running game going that was the big thing for them that old line was a mess last year woolsey see it's one game but they they revamped the whole thing they have a young fresh running back in dalvand cook and and he really showed itself last night i i you know how much i love dalvi aleke topic for rookie of the year and he was terrific last night so that's the good news for the viking all the news for the vikings last night while writ real craig i know we're going to go now real quick on to get this and they all in cook karim haunt and leonard fournet all rushed for one hundred over 100 yards out of three rookies the last time three rookies had one hundred yards rushing in their season opener came in 1979 on i haven't seen the at so so 1979 yeah three rookies in their opener seventy nine suppressor beer and try and take a stab well would that be eric dickerson okay give me some kind of a hint just give me one of them otis anderson okay i'm not going to get it go ahead william andrews the one you're maybe had a shot at if i gave you some hints is jerry echo would a as being that was tongueincheek out now aren't as a guitarist in a band i grew up led i made pretty apart and you look at you look at other ones i mean you look at the the kid care call cohen from all to recall into reality for recalling from chicago five foot six hundred eighty five pounds and he is dynamite i love what i i it is well and also you look at even last night four as.

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