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Point elementary and of course police and deputies will be all over the area Florida power companies are trying to back out of commitments they made to save energy saying those goals will lead to higher bills Florida power and light says consumers could end up paying more for programs only benefit a few public council J. R. Kelly says the utilities don't want to set any goals for getting more efficient we asked the commission to set fair just and reasonable goals and we believe they should be both challenging as well as achievable utilities insist they've gotten better a conservation to solar plants and more efficient appliances Mike Stevens is radio WFLA a ten thousand dollar reward is being offered for information in an unsolved murder and Paul county in a Facebook video sheriff Grady Judd says they need help to find the killer of Shea Collins Shea was only twenty five years of age and on the twenty seventh of June she was viciously murdered at her house we need your help and I want to pay you a lot of money for helping us solve this smarter Collins was killed in a home invasion at our apartment in Dundee or family visited the scene yesterday to look at the bullet holes in shattered glass judge says he believes there are people who know who killed Collins he hopes the money's a motivator anyone with information should call eight hundred two two two two two six tips Pasco county sheriff's office the tax collector the school district in other agencies are raising money to be able to put a stop the bleed kit in every school in Pasco the kits contain tools and information needed in an emergency before first responders arrive share Chris Nako tells news channel eight there is a fear in the community there's no doubt about it that fear.

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