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Pieces parts, and how it functions how to clean it how to take apart how to put it back together. And then you learn how to shoot it in a safe and reliable manner. So our facility not only the has that range, but we have a clean a trash a classroom that allows you to go up, and and do a one on one session to to understand the gun, and let's face it. If you have a bad guy heaven forbid, a bad guy or people in general several coming into your home, you're thinking, okay, I've got a call nine one one. We know all the issues with response times. It's not the take away from the men and women who who. Who do that sort of thing? But I mean, you're talking split seconds moments of decision there. So if you if you say, I want to step up my own self defense, you want to make sure you are the best you could be with that you need to get the right training. Like, you get it the Glock store. And this idea that somehow, well, it's hypothetical and accidents happen again, it gets back to the education side where people get into people who are most vehemently against guns designed to like it. They should not be out there, and and crime would cease if we just confiscated everybody law-abiding, you know. I'll ask a question to say have you ever fired a guy have you ever had a weapon? It's like, no, no, no great opinions as to what they think it is. So that's part of this too. Well, we we know one of the rising crime that's happening here in San Diego County as a matter of fact are really home invasions. That's that's happening. I mean, there's in the news people are wherever even up in Carmel valley del mar I mean, it's you know, it's you don't have time to say to the intruder or intruders. Hold on. I need to get my scope. And I gotta get it. Just like, I do it the lane here. It's definitely you know, you wanna be prepared. You want to have the ability to defend yourself and your family. The concept is that all that training that you'll do no matter where you go is gonna come into play. So what we like to tell people, hey trained, the right way, and in our shoot rooms we allow you to shoot at multiple targets in multiple directions. We allow you to draw from a holster we allow us lights and lasers all kinds of different things. You can't really do it. Other.

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