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Gabriel Dominion Tr News Could some Arizona's be voting via video next month, and Arizona judge ruled. Maybe Katie our legal analyst Monica Lindstrom explains. Under Arizona Law of Voter who cannot go to the polls due to illness or disability is entitled to vote with assistance. The county recorder was trying to make it as easy and efficient as possible to do this. This comes after the state attorney general tried to block the Maricopa County recorder from allowing voters to use live video to cast ballots. The judge ruled local elections committees must determine individual accommodations. Time to check on the traffic again. Here's Larry Lewis in the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center. Oh, Becky, when we're getting started with those westbound delays on the 10, you've got him out of downtown right now through the deck Park tunnel when we had a crash, 10 westbound right around 75th Avenue. Looks like GPS didn't get that out of the way, though, So that's good news. Also better news on I 10 eastbound. We cleared that earlier incident we had on the 91st Avenue off ramp, however, in the tone of pot area 10 eastbound at 411th Avenue. Your exit ramp is closed there this due to some police activity or perhaps an accident. We have very little information here. But what I do know is the exit's closed. You can exit 379th Avenue instead. Now on 3 47 North found watch for a collision near psychotic, wrote this report Sponsored by your Valley. Toyota Dealers. Today's the day to get a new Toyota with low a P R financing and special cash back offers. Visit your valet Toyota viewers or Valley three other dealers dot com Today, Let re Lewis clear skies Night with Arlo around 71 a few clouds on Wednesday in our high 100 to 101 on Thursday, and then after that, we're going to be in the nineties over the weekend. 105 right now, though, in Maricopa Weather brought to you by Howard Air with replace the repair. Call Howard Air. I'm Jackie Lynn on Arizona's news station are.

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