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One point five. I'm in a disadvantage to talk about this. But I'm dying to anyway. Because it's it's it's just so dumb. It's just so silly. What is going on? I I've never seen this. That's why I met a disadvantage. I have not seen the movie I have only read about this. But there is a movie, it's a Netflix original and it became wildly popular. But apparently not because it's a very great movie. But because of all the memes that came out instantly about it. It's called bird box. And from what I can gather from what I could weave together from what I've read something happens in the world. Where is where there is this this evil that is unleashed? And if you see this evil, it will drive you to kill yourself or some other harm will come to you. Right. Many many people have killed themselves in this movie, again, I'm just going by what I read. I I haven't seen it if I'm getting anything wrong. Call an incorrect me and five years into this. There's this woman who is apparently trying to get her children out of this area somewhere to safety. But the way that you would have to do it because the fear is you'll come across this thing. And if you see it with your eyes, it will infect you affect you whatever kind of like, the quiet place where John Christine ski and his family. Couldn't talk. Otherwise, they would get killed. So in this one you can't look or you get killed. Okay. I never saw that you didn't know. So they blindfold themselves, and they have to make it through this forest and all these dangerous things, and they have to do entirely blindfolded. Apparently, there's a girl and a boy, I only know that because the warning that net flicks put out about what a member too though, you next ref references boy and girl, and then the mother and the mother's what Sandra Bullock believe so. Okay. So that's the premise of this movie. I asked a couple of people around the building if they had seen it and the few who have seen it. They all said the same thing. It was like it was good wasn't great. Like that. So apparently, the big thing the big selling point what what really propelled this movie is that people started putting out a whole ton of means about it. Well now backing that up. There's this thing now out there called the Byrd box challenge. The bird box challenge as dumb as this is has people putting on blindfolds and doing normal everyday things except completely blind. And obviously it can be really really dangerous. Now, some people are taking it upon themselves to try to live their lives for an entire twenty four hours going outside doing whatever they can do normally but entirely blindfolded for the whole day. Other people have attempted the challenge for a shorter period. Some people are attempting just to do a certain thing while blindfolded, whether it's mowing the lawn or whatever it might be. Well, I'm just throwing that one out there. Actually, I've got a list of some. Let's see. Okay. Here's a lot of people that were on either Instagram or Twitter, and they were sharing videos, of course. And some people are reacting to these videos like this one y'all got a chill with that bird box challenge. Why he do that baby? Boy like that he's not a little baby boy just learned to walk and he's got to get blindfolded walking around. That's smart. What do you think is gonna happen? Some people are let's see. Looks like he's doing something in a bathroom. All yeah. Here's the one. I wanted to share. Some guys at the gym. And he's got the long bar, and he's got a lot of weight on it. And he shares and these blindfolded, of course, he shares when you're not allowed to see, but you can't skip legs. So started to do squats. Blindfolded? How stupid is that your vision is going to be part of your balance? Yeah. What's it's the stupidest thing ever heard of? But then I remember the pied tied pod challenge that was pretty stupid to and they just go on and on. Here's another guy at the gym trying to work out on the equipment. Totally blindfolded these people because he the guy going backwards on the treadmill? I think it is. I think it is. And so net flicks has to and they can't believe they even say that they had to put out a warning. And this is from net flicks. They sent out a tweet from net flicks. It says can't believe I have to say this. But please do not hurt yourselves with this bird box challenge. We don't know how this started. And we appreciate the love. But boy and girl have just one wish for twenty nineteen. And it is that you not end up in the hospital due to means. So yeah, even net. Flicks. Does not want you doing and yet they have no control over it. It's just the thing that goes around the internet and people are, of course, are posting their videos. So have you even heard of this number one? And I'm not talking about just parents with kids. I'm talking about anybody any age have you even heard of this, do, you know, anybody who has tried to do this? Have you tried to do this this bird box challenge? And also just for kicks what other kind of crazy challenges. Have you heard of that people have either attempted or maybe you personally know somebody that actually tried it like the tide pod? Like, the pod challenge, for example, any of those crazy challenges. What have you heard of our phone number's one eight hundred two eight three one oh one point five. Now, we did have Joe take the cinnamon challenge. Yes. But I don't think there's anything deadly about that. No. There's not random do the milk challenge to that. I thought he was going to die. He didn't even throw up. You're not supposed to be able to do it. But he did I'm trying to remember. Did we buy the wrong kind of milk? We think we got skin. I don't know. I can't remember it was years ago that we did this years ago that we did this. So I have no idea drinking one percent because.

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