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Shooter is nineteen year old Tyree Simmons police think those two were looking for another man angered by your lyrics written into a rap song LP Phillips news radio ten eighty KRLD. the traffic and weather center we have some action and spin the very late cleanup stage shows cellphone I thirty five between highline and market the accidents gone we still see some slower traffic in that area. use some caution. the weather center tonight clear we should get down to about seventy seven degrees later on today sunny and hot a high near one hundred alone you're seventy five just about a copy of that on Sunday a high of ninety nine and a low of seventy four Monday a little bit of cooling ninety six with a low of seventy four first mention of any precipitation likelihood is Thursday right now it is eighty one degrees should KRLD I'm Gerry Hotchkiss the Dave Ramsey show begins now on newsradio ten eighty K. R. L. D...

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