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Was the music scene like in italy it must have been very interesting it was adventure thing it was a time where bans like pink floyd and king grimsson we're very popular and the italian it's always kind of 11 prague prague rock but you have the italian version of it and i got he fm at yet in general though nothing ruins instrumental that you're you're you're grew rolling with it wherever they going on all of a sudden is very heavy italian accent come fit and it just sorta in congress because he used to hearing these lazy english voices like david gilmour and um all of them a new here clearly other universe i was in a ban with my high school friends and we are very popular but we were like the american ban which was a rarity there so we used to go to florence and play there and play in different towns and we were long hearing young americans which he'll so you were pretty hip to what was going on in the states in england you were able to keep in touch with what was happening i didn't leave america howes and in ban i had a girlfriend than going going into new york city every weekend the film oris than and like what are we going in italy four but my father was going to work there and after about a week i was all other league but first i was power adding didn't want to go there but i was in a ban within within two weeks of being well let me i'm going to go ahead and played my opening clip which i think is is brilliant version of budi child and this is from dreams and other living things yet your your most recent album and tell us a little bit who's playing on this because you've got some great players on this the band on on the whole album our wonderful players are great friends at said jerry morada on drums percussion tony levin on base david sanctions on keyboards and me on guitar even though i i play lots of other instrument this time i decide i'm just going to be the qatar players keep it simple yes but i do want to point out one thing take a listen to what tony's doing 'cause he's using those funk finger base they're like i i out the way i.

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